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  1. Try to get some pictures of the antennas that they are working on.
  2. It's being worked on everywhere.....it's just a matter of time when it's more widespread.
  3. I'm guessing your phone ended up connecting to an unusable signal. When data is active, the phone won't switch to LTE...which is why people map using LTE Discovery to cycle airplane mode.
  4. squigey

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Once you start using it more, let us know how the radios compare to other devices you've used. Thanks!
  5. Use the debug screen or something like Signal Check to see what the signal strength actually is. My phone will hang on to an LTE signal down to -118 or so and I've seen as low as -122. When the signal drops that low on my phone, it's not useable. The bars typically show what your 1x signal strength is. Interestingly I picked up LTE for about 10 seconds on the 101 yesterday after work, just near the Victoria onramp. At first I thought it was from a site that was closer, but it was the southern Camarillo one.
  6. My phone has been doing that lately, but I'm always on wi-fi. I just assume that they're doing work.
  7. It looks like the mapping I did yesterday is showing up on the Sensorly website. Someone mapped on Wooley and there was some signal picked up on Harbor.
  8. No, near the intersection of Victoria and Olivas Park.
  9. Just an update...I did a little bit of mapping at lunch time. It hasn't shown up on Sensorly yet. I picked up LTE for about 10 seconds when I was at the intersection leaving work.
  10. If you get a chance, map it on Sensorly. I'm going to try to swing by the area later at lunch.
  11. I can see it being hit and miss on the 101 passing through the southern part of Camarillo....that site is a couple of miles away from the freeway. I was able to keep the signal all the way to Wood/Hueneme road when it first went live. I don't think I'd be able to map that far if I tried it again, since it seems like the site has been adjusted to cover less area. The second one though you should be good every time....although you might need to cycle airplane mode since the phone might not scan in time while passing through at 80mph.
  12. Yes, it is. If network.sprint.com is accurate, LTE might be available in Oxnard near Community Center Park. I drove by the other day, but no luck with LTE. I'll probably try to swing by again tomorrow to give it another try.
  13. Just an update on this site. It's been waiting on for fiber from ATT since it was accepted back in July. It looks like the fiber might be ready, although the junction box could very well be just installed without the fiber pulled to it.
  14. I don't think so, there was no fiber there last week when I checked. The site is about a mile away from my work. Even though it was one of the first full build sites to go live in Ventura, I don't think it'll be one of the first to get LTE.
  15. I don't think anyone knows outside of Sprint or ATT how long it takes for a circuit to go live from the time the orders were placed. For my work, it took about 8 months for them to get the fiber live. The actual physical work was done about a month after the contract was signed. We were told there was a backbone project that needed be done before we could go live. Typical install times are supposed to be 90-120 days.
  16. It doesn't matter who they get it from, as long as has the specs they require. They aren't using the same sort of connection that you get for home service. Those generally don't have the SLA's that they need for uptime, etc.
  17. I think Digiblur answered your first question already: As for backhaul, no idea.
  18. No idea.... In Alcatel Lucent markets, 3G is generally accepted first, then LTE goes live sometime after.
  19. Permit I just saw on the Ventura county website: Modification/Upgrade to an existing wireless telecommunications facility-Remove 3 existing antennas and install 3 new antennas. Install 1 fiber junction box, retrofit 1 modcell equipment cabinet, install 6RRHs. Install 2 new liquid tight conduits from MMBTs to J-Box, Replace GPS unit. 928 CUMMINGS RD, SANTA PAULA, CA 93060
  20. They will work on it once backhaul becomes ready. They do not need to bring up 4G in clusters.
  21. Yes If I remember correctly, only 1 full build site has been accepted in Santa Maria.
  22. That's sounds pretty reasonable since they are a fair amount of sites that are 3G accepted already. I'm guessing all waiting on backhaul to fire up LTE.
  23. No, they are working sites wherever/whenever they are ready. They are not working one particular area then moving to another. There have been less completed full build sites up north than there have been in the southern part of the market.... at least so far.
  24. This site was probably the one that went live. I saw them working on it mid August and it was 3G accepted a couple of weeks after that. Now if ATT would get fiber to the site near my work, there would be LTE in Ventura.....it was 3G accepted way back in July.
  25. The site was 3G accepted only, so no LTE yet. Unless Alcatel Lucent changes how they do things in our market, 3G will be accepted first on the sites.
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