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  1. Try calling customer service. It'll ask for a tracking number, but after you enter it you should be able to talk to someone who can change it to a hold/will call. I did this with a package a few weeks ago, since I didn't trust the mychoice site to get my request in on time.
  2. I mapped that site today with Sensorly. It showed up on the map maybe 30 minutes after I mapped it. They fixed the CSFB issue, so I was able to use my G2.
  3. The site should be working properly, if you're connected to the one live site in Ventura. I'm connected at my desk currently. My phone will get hung up sometimes, but cycling airplane mode usually fixes it.
  4. Yes, about a half mile or so away from there.
  5. Yes, one site was already LTE accepted. If no one maps it out over the weekend, I'll re-activate my S3 on Monday to map it.
  6. If it's like the site by my work, backhaul. There was a site 3G accepted in Ventura, a bit over a week ago.... so no they haven't given up.
  7. The site that was just accepted by my work is functioning like this...at least so far. LTE connects for a second then it drops down to eHRPD. I tested yesterday with a single band device and had no problems connecting. I'll probably re-activate my GS3 on Monday, just so I can map it on Sensorly. It's interesting that CSFB is affecting this site, since I've been to all the rest in the area and had no issues connecting.
  8. No luck with my G2, although I did see it connect for a few seconds earlier today. I think they need to enable CSFB on the site. I re-activated a Galaxy Nexus and it connected with no issues. It's the only site so far, that I haven't been able to connect to with the G2.
  9. Yes, it will charge with no issues with the tpu case.
  10. I noticed this on my wife's Nexus the other day. When dialing out, it didn't use the Airave. Her phone happened to be connected to LTE at the time. I didn't think about why until now, when you mentioned the CSFB issue. I tested my G2 right after that and it used the Airave, while connected to LTE. I'm thinking now that it might have dropped it before dialing, since my phone doesn't hang on to the signal as well inside the house.
  11. I think they're all shipping from Louisville....my wife's did and I chose ground delivery. It shipped on 11/11 and was delivered on 11/15.
  12. The restore CD/DVD doesn't like the smaller drive size? I don't know if there's a workaround for that, but the Win 7 download should have worked. I've downloaded it before and then used the OEM key on the sticker to activate, when I didn't have media available.
  13. Yep, not an issue. It'll just transfer data slower. Unless you have an SSD, it's not really an issue. Try device manager, then the ide/atapi controller section. Although it might list an IDE controller still, around 3 years ago you'd still most likely have an sata drive.
  14. Try going to device manager...assuming you're running Windows. Under disk drives it should have some sort of model number listed...look up the model and you should be good to go. SATA should be backwards compatible...the only hang up might be large drives.
  15. The site by UPS isn't Sprint's. It's close to there though.
  16. Device: LG G2 Market: North LA City: Oxnard/Port Hueneme Zip code: 93030/93041 I just tested and I had no issues at the other 3G/4G accepted sites.
  17. Device: LG G2 Market: North LA City: Camarillo, CA Zip code: 93010/93012 I was able to connect to both of the LTE sites with no issues, after cycling airplane mode. The NV vendor is Alcatel Lucent, so both sites are 3G/4G. Later today I'll test a couple of other sites, but I expect that I'll be able to connect without issue.
  18. squigey

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    I just ordered one from BestBuy for pickup later today. Even though LTE isn't widespread yet in my market, hopefully it can actually pickup the same sites my GS3 can.
  19. I don't think that it is as accurate as Sensorly. Best bet if you think it's live, is to go by the area yourself and see.
  20. Is that Sensorly or something else?
  21. This will explain it, better than I could: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/2198-network-visionlte-new-orleans-market/?p=90231
  22. I meant this, not signal strength:
  23. What does the LTE engineering screen say when you're connected, for the serving cell?
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