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  1. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/rpdYs5W2yw Mighty Fortress - Sovereign Grace Music

  2. The “death of Christianity” in America https://t.co/hpA6ifAznZ via @Adam4d

  3. RT @pbethancourt: A sport that restricts competition to people of one gender is punishing a state for doing the same with bathrooms.https:…

  4. My APN menu never even appeared when I put in my European SIM card. I had to download a 3rd party app to 'open' the APN settings and see they are all uneditable. I hope I don't run into problems when I go to the US and into Sprint's exclusive domain. "Sprint/Samsung need to enable auto updating of APN's with a new SIM card like the iPhone or at least enable users to manually update without rooting." Couldnt have said a truer statement!!! It's a headache and for what? Don't say it: Proprietary Obsessions
  5. Confirmed, even with MF9, the Sprint Galaxy S4 is worthless as a smartphone anywhere except the US.
  6. I am currently in France until August 2nd and after successfully getting Sprint to unlock my Galaxy S4, I travelled here about 2 weeks later. On my wife's HTC EVO Design4G, I put in her 'Free Mobile' SIM card and voila, 3G & H data as well as MMS and voice and SMS service began working fine on my new number attached to the SIM. On my Galaxy S4, I put in the SIM and went to configure the APNs only to find that they are in-configurable! In fact they are not even accessible without a shortcut app leading you to the APN page where all the settings are greyed out and if you want to add a new APN, the new APN page is unusable and greyed out as well. Until there is an update, this phone does not seem to be 100% international despite Sprint's claim since only half the services work. The only services that work are the same ones that will work with a 10€ flip-phone over here (Voice and SMS). I have searched high and low and those that know me know I do not give up on a technology question or error until I have it fixed or have convinced the company to fix it. However, this one has me beat. I do not root my phone for multiple reasons, the least of which is I do not like the idea of owning a $700 brick. There are other reasons as well which are out of my control. I should not have to root my phone, however, to be able to access the features that Sprint claims are available on my phone. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can anyone help? I am posting on this forum because you guys have discussed APNs and the Galaxy S4 and I love S4GRU and have gotten results from you all in the past! Help! I'm in France and would LOVE to be able to use some of the 3GB of data that came with the SIM card plan on the phone that was guaranteed unlocked by Sprint. Suggestions? Merci!
  7. I'm at Los Angeles Superior Court - Chatsworth Courthouse (Chatsworth, CA) http://t.co/leEOSaFVf5

  8. I'm at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center - @kpwoodlandhills (Woodland Hills, CA) w/ 2 others [pic]: http://t.co/mTDHuI0bkL

  9. #ماكدونالدز This just looks like a #McDonalds in #California if I didn't know better... http://t.co/GxFgwyBPkW

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