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  1. Yes, but it has still just become usable. Before NV, Indiana, particularly FW, was so slow you couldn't even load pandora. NV has fixed all that, thankfully.
  2. Hello. At my lake house (summer home), my Galaxy S4 is always connected to eHRPD, and my tower has had 3G and 800mHz upgrades. I always thought that eHRPD ran through LTE backhaul (or core), and if the LTE backhaul is in place, why wouldn't they have turned on LTE? -- Chris P.S. My tower is the Wolcottville, IN (46795) tower.
  3. Ok. So you mean that I wasn't ever connected to LTE(at that location), those are just default #'s?
  4. My tower has had 3G, and 800mHz upgraded. I was looking in the engineering screen and it showed I was connected to LTE even though my phone wasn't showing 4G? Had a IP address and when I moved to different areas the signal changed. Was LTE blocked, or am I crazy? https://www.dropbox.com/s/nunavp904lcuocb/2013-05-30%2022.54.41.png
  5. My speeds are fine! https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yaavg9m14s6pew/2013-05-30%2017.52.50.png Average 10 around town and 30 sitting in my downtown fort wayne office. Most sites in town completed, and it rocks.
  6. Just a bit of advice for anyone who roams frequently. Sprint strictly enforces their roaming policy. I used 400 ish mbs of roam in October and received a letter and phone call in February about that. They did not cancel my line, but told me if I did not stop using more than 300 mb of roam I would be canceled. Sprint has a special department that handles roaming issues if you would like to call and talk to them, you can pm me for their phone number, but i don't want to post it in the public and have the whole world calling them. They ordered me an airave no problem and also set it so I see a notification if I am close to my roam limits. Enjoy!!!
  7. cjbanks

    LG Optimus G Pro

    Any new news on the status of the release of it or it it will support LTE in anything other than 1900?
  8. I have! I work at Lutheran Hospital, so I noticed it between working on idiots. People, please don't be dumb or I may see you in the ER.
  9. I hope things get better for you soon. Before NV in Fort Wayne, My speeds were so bad I couldn't steam Pandora with 5 bars. I have also been surprised about how actual coverage has improved too. I am able to get a decent LTE link and a perfect 3G connection where I previously roamed.
  10. I also live in Fort Wayne and my service has greatly improved too! I get similar 4G speeds and my 3G speeds are about .4 -- .8 Mbps. I was going to leave sprint when my contract is up this May, but now with network vision almost done (at least in the city) the coverage and speed rivals verizion!!!
  11. Ok. Thank You for your help. I am just going to get whichever device I like better when they release and enjoy what is there now!
  12. In Fort Wayne and Indianapolis Indiana I average about 3-5 Mbps down and 2-3 up in fort Wayne, and around 15-20 down 4-5 up in Indianapolis. Fort Wayne has a very large sprint customer base, so speeds started out around 15-20, but it has significantly slowed down, but it is still fast enough. Verizion 4g in Fort Wayne is normally under 1 Mbps because of how crowed their network is here. And lets be honest, my phone streams perfect video at just 1 Mbps, so why do you really need 20 or 25 Mbps(other than it looks and feels awesome)?
  13. Thank you all for your help. I think I will take my upgrade now and either get the HTC one or the s4.
  14. I am due for an upgrade now and was looking for some advice. I hear lots about the tri and dual band LTE devices. I was wondering if you think that I should just go ahead and upgrade even if the next big device (HTC One or S4) doesn't support it? And if you think I should wait, when do you think sprint will start selling these mysterious dual and tri band devices?
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