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  1. how big are they deploying the lte? i used to live in myrtle beach but just moved to Pawleys Island about 10 miles south. I know they just did some tower fixes after the messed up and there was an outage here for a good week and half but data speeds are now 2Mb+. and thats off a virgin mobile phone i use for a hotspot. If anyone know it would help me out because im not sure if i should stay with Verizon or not im on verizon prepaid ( PagePlus) so 3g only and looking for LTE phones now.
  2. Sprint told me I should have been happy with the two towers they put up its on clearwires map but I only got it to work one time while driving by our mall.
  3. Thanks for the Information.. I just dont like they are havent done that many updates in the last 2 years years only thing that i have seen is the speeds drop.
  4. Ok nice to know... still doesnt make any sense to me why they would update a tower if they have to update it again.
  5. Then why would they update the tower just to update it again in just a few months?
  6. I live in Fort Wayne, IN and see on network.sprint.com that a tower downtown has voice upgrade, data capacity upgrade, and data speed upgrade could that mean it got network vision when your site says not till December. I dont have an LTE phone or even sprint right now I went Virgin Mobile till they get LTE. (No reason to over pay when for $30 I get the same thing)
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