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  1. Anybody else have this displayed while accessing your data usage in the Sprint Zone App? Shows I've used 0.03 GB of Data Roaming and have 0 GB remaining. It used to say "See Terms" in place of the 0 GB. There is a little red triangle with an exclamation point inside it, which means I've exceeded my allowance, which I know should be 300 MB. (I have the everything data share 1500 plan from 2010)
  2. Yep, I work near there. There was a new rack going up on a tower in McBee, SC, which is on my way home. It's about the area where Sprint drops off, and you go to roaming. I stopped and asked the crew who was adding a site to that tower, and he said it was for T-Mobile! I was certainly surprised about that. If T-Mobile is adding sites along that route, I don't see it being long that Sprint would start, given that there are no roaming partners except Verizon out there. SC-151 is a main route between Charlotte and Myrtle Beach, and I've calculated that they'd only need about 4-5 sites to have uninterrupted coverage. One can hope!
  3. There is a new site that went up in Darlington, SC just off of US-52 Business where it comes into US-52. The panels went up a few months ago, and it was just turned on within the past few weeks. Glad to see it, and hopefully more are to come!
  4. Any idea on when the Rural Alliance will begin?
  5. Agreed. However, the OP has to do with why there is a difference between a -104 LTE signal on Verizon compared to a -104 LTE signal on Sprint, not how fast your throughput is at a certain signal level. The Verizon device will show 3 bars, whereas the Sprint device will show 1 for the same signal strength. Basically, the "scale" needs adjusted to reflect LTE as opposed to the 1xRTT or EV-DO "scale". It seem as if they just stuck with the same "values" for the LTE scale as they had for 1x and 3G.
  6. I've been curious as to why a say -104 signal on a Sprint Samsung device only shows 1 bar for LTE (Triband Devices), where as the same -104 on a Verizon device will show 3 bars. Anything -100 and below on a Sprint device is 1 bar. Shouldn't this be corrected? It gives the impression that you have terrible signal when actually you have a pretty good signal. Obviously we here at S4GRU know better, but to the average user it's pretty disconcerting.
  7. I mean showing in the status bar at the top "Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, etc...". So basically you could just press the power button to look at your phone and it would show which network you are on at the top without having to unlock it or go to the pull down menu.
  8. Just a suggestion, and I thought this would be a neat feature.... Is there any way we could have the option to have it display the carrier name at the top so you could see at a glace what network you are on without having to go to the app directly?
  9. Yeah, I know...ugh lol. The 56014 works just fine, 3G roaming and such, but when on 1x800, it shows that my phone is roaming. If I recall, Digi set it that way on purpose. I just need to find one that doesn't show roaming while on 1x800 that the phone will accept.
  10. I always have HD if I talk to someone with a capable device. I've had good results with the HD every time. I wonder if it could be my device. Hopefully not and it's just a network issue. We shall see.
  11. Thanks for the offer, I have that one already. I tried to flash it, but the phone remains on 55021. If I flash 56014, it takes it just fine.
  12. By using the method described a few pages back in this thread, with DFS.
  13. After having the Note 4 for almost a month, and experiencing all 3 bands of LTE, Roaming, and Native service 1x and 1x800, here are a few things I notice: - This phone likes to hang onto smoke signals when roaming. For instance, my drive to work consists of roaming on Verizon, then US Cellular. For some reason, it likes to hang onto US Cellular (makes sense PRL wise since US Cellular is on a higher priority than Verizon), however, the US Cellular signal is unusable. The signal strength is usually -105 dbm at this point, and the Ec/Io is between -20 and -30, way beyond the usable range. I have to cycle airplane mode to get it to switch to Verizon. - Another issue I have is voice quality is worse on this device compared to my Note II. This is especially noticeable on 1x800. The signal will be all over the place, and I drop calls more often. - The battery life is excellent, and a good step above my Note II. Also, which PRL would be good to use for this device? I tried flashing a few, but it won't take any of the 65xxx PRL's. I'm currently using 56014, as that is the only one that the phone will accept. Any ideas? Overall, it's an awesome device, but the annoyances with hanging on a unusable signal and terrible 1x800 call quality are degrading my experience with the device. Hopefully this can be corrected with later software updates.
  14. The Band 26 I've experienced has been really erratic. It never holds, just goes back and forth between Band 25 and 26. Even if Band 25 is weak.
  15. I pre ordered mine at Best Buy this past Monday. Went to pick it up yesterday evening, and they didn't have it. Was told that it would be there Friday (10-17). Very disappointed. They have no idea when it'll arrive. If it wasn't for the $200 off, I'd cancel this and go directly to Sprint.
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