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  1. Why is it with every other update to android we lose hidden screens for changing LTE band priority/disabling LTE bands??? I was happy to get it back with the update from 5.0.1 to 5.1 and now from 5.1 to 6.0 it seems they have reverted once more... I'm sorry if this was mentioned prior, I haven't been on here in a long while so I haven't gotten the chance to review previous posts...
  2. Why dont you just buy an unlocked one from Apple? It would be much less confusing and probably easier... Also im pretty sure if you just purchase the phone out right from them they should unlock it at your request you dont have to wait the 90 days since you are just buying the phone full price and not putting it on a contract. I may be wrong, but thats how i understand it.
  3. Well shoot and I was hoping that they would go all out and give us an 810 processor! lol.
  4. are you asking something to do with leasing or easy pay for the 6+ phone? is that what you mean by will there be any monthly charge to your account? Because if you do a lease or an easy pay i do not believe you can take the phone to another carrier like that. Pretty sure with the lease option at least you cant do it. But the easy pay you may be able to. You really need to clarify your questions here as this is a little bit confusing. If she is using the iphone 6+ on a different carrier that is in the UK then i dont see why you would be paying sprint for that, but if you are making payments on the 6+ (I.E. you did the lease or easy pay) then I would imagine you would have to continue making payments on the phone. I did a 2 year lease on my Galaxy S6 Edge and I am currently active duty military with the chance of getting deployed over seas. So I decided to ask Sprint about this before I leased the new phone. They allow military suspensions for any of you lines (I know not really related to your question but kinda relevant to my explanation). The only thing is if you leased a phone you must return the equipment to sprint if you suspend your line. I hope that this helps. again please try to clarify your questions...
  5. Robert do you have a countdown clock going? lol. Should totally add one to the top of the S4GRU page. just sayin...
  6. But I tell you what we do know. Today is HUMP DAY!!!! lol. On a serious note though I was kinda curious about that as well, considering where im at in Jacksonville, the vast majority of the band 41 is still clear band 41 and not sprint band 41 yet. I have seen more and more sprint b41 sites pop up over the last month or so, but there are still so many Clear sites out there!!!!!!! It seems like the whole east side and middle of Jacksonville area is covered in Clear sites with Sprint B41 few and far between. What happens if they do not have all clear sites shut down by the date required?
  7. I like the chicken and gnocchi soup! Its usually pretty delicious!
  8. Well even changing the font size to one size smaller would save them millions! I kid you not. I know off topic, but a high school student did a study on how much the government would save if they were to change the font used in official correspondence from times new roman 14 to either 1 size smaller in times new roman or a completely different font it would save the government tens of millions of dollars in both ink and paper. And I can tell you from experience being in the navy we go thru paper like crazy! Take it we do recycle most of it, but there is so much waste just because of the size of font/style/specific formats they require everything to be in. Its ridiculous. I wish i could find the dang article. It was a high school students science project I believe. But for whatever reason Uncle Sam would not buy off on it and still to this day continues to waste more and more ink/paper/trees! lol. **UPDATE** here is the link. it was actually $234 million that this would of saved the govt a year! So i can think that this would be a reason why verizon would change their logo as well. lol. http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/27/living/student-money-saving-typeface-garamond-schools/
  9. The only good restaurant I remember from the early 90's was Red Lobster!!!! I didnt even know olive garden existed at that point. Prolly cause we didnt have them in our state in the early 90's... haha. Oh and cant really forget Ruby Tuesday!!!!
  10. Perhaps they got tired of paying a high price for red ink and wanted to minimize the amount they use? lol.
  11. No processor specs? Also just looking at the ram, display, and camera this must be a budget model tablet? is that true?
  12. could just go back to the stone age and the land of the Flinstones and use a Shell as your phone! haha. "Yabba, Dabba Do!!!!" just kidding. wonder what a smartphone would of looked like back then? haha. They probably had some killer apps along with the best LTE of their time! haha. Wonder which carrier they used back then? lol. I cant even start to come up with names for companies using flintstones meme's. lol. But really I would say if sprint and AT&T work very similar at your home or wherever you use your phone the most, go with either A. the cheaper of the 2, or B. if you use alot of data go with Sprint considering they still dont limit your data if you have a plan with unlimited data... But really I would say if sprint and AT&T work very similar at your home or wherever you use your phone the most, go with either A. the cheaper of the 2, or B. if you use alot of data go with Sprint considering they still dont limit your data if you have a plan with unlimited data... If you really enjoy the site consider becoming a paid sponsor of the site. You get quite a bit more information for a one time donation to S4GRU and I will say many times than not its well worth what you pay for it! Especially when trying to find that rogue tower that your phone may or may not be connecting to. Might I also suggest that you check out SignalCheck (the lite version will allow you to test out the app, but if you are really into technical stuff and you just like to keep track of your towers near you that you are connecting to just for the heck of it, or for figuring out if the problem is a sprint tower or your phone then the pro version is well worth purchasing!) Mike can help you out with that one. If i knew how to tag him i would. Well best of luck to you with your phone shenanigans! haha.
  13. I lucked out with this and signed up for the S6 edge and got a $20 a month bill credit so i am only paying $5-$7 a month for the phone. I dotn remember exactly. only thing is when you do the lease they add on insurance for the first 3 months mandatory and required. But i mean its not a horrible deal. Just dont destroy the phone between contract sign up and return date.
  14. Do you per chance know if you was connected to a clear site or a sprint site for B41 when this happened? I had this happen on my Nexus 6 a lot when I was connected to clear b41 butnot sprint b41.
  15. I noticed in the settings once you get into ##3282# with your MSL it has an option for CA and its unchecked. I checked the box. So we shall see if that does anything once CA is active in my area. No need for root access to enable CA. You just need the MSL, which took me all of 5 minutes to get from the tech rep. I waited for them to pick up 20 minutes then 5 minutes of asking for the code. And now its enabled. Not sure when I will be able to truly test it out though.
  16. Is it Sprint B41 or Clear B41? I noticed on the models I was playing around with along with the one I just got that it latched onto the Clear b41 more than anything. Could have been the area. Who knows. But anyway. Just figured id ask.
  17. Ok guys so I did it! I went ahead and took advantage of Sprints 24 month lease of the GS6 Edge where you get the 20 dollar a month credit back. So I played around with the edge and the regular GS6 for a while to see which one I liked best. I noticed better signal on the edge model. Anyone else notice this? I know that display models vary from store to store considering they are almost always on, but I played around on both of them and also noticed that boot time was a slight bit quicker on the edge variant. I am loving the battery life/wireless charging. Anyone get a chance to take full use of the octa core processor in these phones yet? I am happy that Sprint gave me the MSL right away, So I was able to disable Band 26 when I am at my home, as the Band 25 signal (may be weaker) but it definitely is much faster than the Band 26 that is constantly trying to be latched onto by my phones. I noticed quite a bit of difference in radio performance over the Galaxy S5. Much improvement. Anyone know if there are any good cases on the way for the Edge model of this phone? I know there are a few for the standard model, but they don't fit the edge. Well hope everyone has a great weekend.
  18. I am keeping my sprint service, but I cant use data whatsoever right now because of the upgrades. So i decided to try alternative method until they are fixed. Thats why. Plus I dont have wifi at home currently. cant afford it... plus the rental doesnt want the cable company to come in and do whatever it is that they do. And the phone lines are messed up in the house right now. So until they get them fixed for DSL im relying on my phone...
  19. dont be fooled by the no tax... it will show up on your bill next month. that happened to me when i bought a phone last year. I assume it will still try to tax you. took me 3 months to get Sprint to fix my account. I was geting dual taxed by 2 states also.
  20. Hey guys, So I am new to the data throttling world. I have a Nexus 6 and as such I am able to swap out sim cards as i please. Right now sprint is doing work on towers near me so my LTE services are in disarray and do not work very well. Its worse than dial up on a 28.8 k modem. lol. So my question is for anyone who has used prepaid services that use AT&T's towers. Specifically Net10. I purchased a net10 sim card from a local store that sells all sorts of prepaid services. I purchased the $40 unlimited talk/text/data (cap of 500mb high speed with unlimited slower speed). So my question is since Net10 uses AT&T towers and has LTE, HSPA+, and so on. is the throttling for if i am connected solely to high speed (E.G. LTE)? or is it on any of the speeds? Because on LTE here at my home im pulling about 20mbps or so down and 10 up on speedtest. Whereas on HSPA+ i pull about 7 down and 1.5 up. So will I be throttled back worse than that if i hit my 500mb limit of high speed? Is HSPA+ considered high speed data? I probably already know the answer to that, but ill ask anyway. Thanks guy. Kevin
  21. good question. answer is no in my experience thus far. I tried... It did not recognize any of the sim cards. Only way ive found thus far to fix this is to reflash the radio, which took all of 2 minutes, only downside was having to connect to a computer to do so. Have had no issues if I don't mess with LTE bands.
  22. agreed. Could just be one tower causing your issue as well. Wonder if the issue is only experienced in one place, and not everywhere else. The Nexus 6 is not bad though. Be careful if you play with LTE settings in the debug menu. You may have to reflash. Not all of us have had the problem, but Im not the only one with an issue.
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