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  1. Like coming home after a long vacation. It was a good trip, but it feels great to be home! lol
  2. Loving it! We have already been through some of the hilly areas where we used to without fail drop calls in the same spots and we talk our way though them now. Data speeds have come up as well as staying consistent. Very happy overall!
  3. Made the switch back friday night. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts!!!
  4. I think we're pretty set on going back. In the last few days I was traveling and did not see a difference in data in Phoenix, San Jose, DC, Tampa and of course now home here in Pittsburgh. I did however notice a degradation in call quality compared to what I've been used to with Sprint. More scratchy conversations talking to my wife or even friends in other cities who I never had trouble with. Wife just drops calls in different areas.
  5. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts! Very helpful insights! I do get out to Cranberry at times (Costco Cranberry and Costco Robinson carry different things we use lol), spend a Lil more time up in Robinson. We did have LTE on the note 3s in Beaver County. Thanks for the link to the Pittsburgh thread! I do some traveling as well and hearing the 1/3 of the time att v. Sprint experience you see was great to hear!
  6. Well... I made the switch because the rest of my family has AT&T and I've noticed being around them that some of their apps would open or run a little quicker. Did what I thought was my due diligence online (how I never found this forum is surprising to me now) and asked around a good bit (nowhere that had the knowledge base that I have found here) and got what I now assume is the answer based upon good advertising? You are correct in that there wasn't really a problem with Sprint. My wife was annoyed at the dropped calls when we first got the Note 3, but it got better. I brought her over from Verizon. So I think she thought maybe AT&T would be better and now that she's dropped calls daily since we switched, she's the one who brought up going back before I did...
  7. First I'd like to thank everyone on here for such amazing information. I wish I would have found this place a long tume ago or at least weeks ago when mulling over switching to AT&T! I stumbled across here yesterday afternoon and have learned so much! Thank you! I had been a Sprint customer for about 8 years and about 7 days ago switched to AT&T after going back and forth for weeks. I've always loved my service from Sprint, the only reason I switched was hearing how much "insanely" and "noticeably" faster they are. So, I figured me and my wife would give them a shot. We were using note 3's with Sprint and now Note 5's with AT&T and do not see much difference in service. I never disliked Sprint, yeah a few dropped calls and a few more often driving thru Ohio to Canton to see family. I always blamed to Note 3 more than I did Sprint. We live a little north of Pittsburgh and I have traveled some in the last few days to other cities and can't say I'm happy I left Sprint for this "noticeable AT&T speed difference" that I'm not really feeling. Being withing our 14 day window we're really considering coming back and hopefully getting our plan back since we weren't out of contract til Oct (we jumped early since my note 3 broke and I was itching to try the note 5). We left unlimited everything for a 15gb shared plan... Now I sit here missing Sprint and wondering what the right move is... Any insights would be greatly appreciated!!!
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