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  1. I signed up for Sprint's unlimited kickstart plan and noticed there is a lot of "extended network" coverage near me. Today was the first chance I had to test it when I left native coverage. It switches to US Cellular but all I got was the R indicator on my phone. Same indicator when it switches to Verizon. I have my settings as Automatic for network instead of Home only. I also have data roaming turned off. Basically my question is, how can I know when I am on extended network instead of roaming? Most of the coverage west of me shows extended network with very little roaming areas. I don't want to get charged for roaming on accident.
  2. Great news on additional towers Robert. I have been mapping the new one these last few days on my commute and see band 26 as well. It carries ok on Mast road. LTE kind of fades out by the Ford dealer but I now have LTE for the most part from Manchester to about 7 minutes from home.
  3. There is new Sprint coverage in Goffstown NH today. I verified new Band 25 LTE coverage coming from the tower behind the Shell station. The coverage fades out quickly driving west on 114 but its the biggest development in my area since I have been following their coverage. 😀
  4. According to the Sprint NH coverage tool, it looks as if all towers have been upgraded to LTE! I was driving along 202 a couple weeks ago and noticed new band 26 along my drive passing the Pat's peak area.
  5. I noticed on the Sprint extended data coverage map most of Northern Nevada is covered now with LTE and 3g. Could this be Choice wireless? This is a big news for me as I travel along I80 in NV sometimes.
  6. I am curious if they are still using nextel type services for people who still rely on this for work. I found an old Nextel map of the area but now I can't find it. Nonetheless, there are few Sprint towers in my area. T-mobile has added quite a few in the last year while Sprint's footprint is essentially the same here.
  7. There is no signal that I can detect from either of them. The one near Francestown is callsign WPBN325
  8. I have found a few Nextel towers that still come up as licensed in Southern NH but have no signals out of them. One of the licenses shows about a dozen frequencies in the 862mhz range. Does anyone know what these would be used for now? Do some people still have an IDEN type service? I would be thrilled if Sprint were to put a 1x800 signal on them since service West of Goffstown is basically non existent.
  9. Would resetting carrier services help with obtaining the new carrier or is that not needed?
  10. I just activated a Nexus 6 today and I have version 55052. Now for the fun part driving around looking for changes. In the snow even!
  11. I have Tmobile and have never seen it acknowledge band 2 LTE. It always says band 4. Is there a workaround for this? Other than that it seems to identify bands properly. Thanks
  12. I have a couple PRL questions. I noticed some of my phones are up to version 55051. Another one is 25051. Are the different versions for different band capability? Also is there any way to be notified when a new PRL is out. I don't make it a habit to update my PRL all the time and being notified of changes would be easier for me. Is there a current database of what newer PRL changes there are?
  13. I just got a Nexus 6. I am near the LTE roaming areas but wasn't sure what carrier would be cost effective to try to get roaming to work. I have Tmobile, tracfone, and ringplus right now.
  14. Has anyone verified if sprint any mvnos can utilize lte roaming + as native coverage?
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