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  1. I recently got Band 41 added to my local tower. Pulling max 80Mbps which isn't too shabby. Also, Jacksonville results were just posted on RootMetrics. https://rootmetrics.com/en-US/rootscore/map/metro/jacksonville-fl/2018/2H
  2. I feel like they may not invest in those newer technologies since they are still actively trying to merge. They are adding B41 to towers though so thats neat.
  3. Are you still running all four carriers? My friends/cousins have been seeing declining quality on AT&T. Have they been declining in your area?
  4. They are actually moving pretty fast in St Johns Cty. http://webapp.sjcfl.us/Applications/WATSWebX/Permit/SearchResults.aspx?PermitType=1&PermitNo=&Clrsht=&Parcel=&Addr=&ProjNm=&CLNm=&CLId=&SepticNo=&Lgl1=&Lgl2=&Lgl3=&PU=501&FromDt=&ToDt=&PP=False&Sort=&SortOrder= A lot of those permits are Sprints, especially the ones from this year! I've personally been connecting to more B41 too.
  5. Not sure if anyone keeps track of this anymore, but RootMetrics released 1H 2018 results for Jacksonville. http://rootmetrics.com/en-US/rootscore/map/metro/jacksonville-fl/2018/1H Looks like Sprint is just a few points behind AT&T. It looks very comparable between the two.
  6. I read somewhere that T-Mobile had 4x2 MIMO on B12. Can anyone confirm here? So far my personal findings come to 2x2.
  7. If they were targeting At&t it wouldn't have taken that much to undercut them. Verizon deliberately brought back unlimited due to T-Mobile, and while still being quite competitive on price.
  8. It shouldn't try to withdraw anything from your account as the balance is $0. That way you still get AutoPay discount while still paying with credit.
  9. From what I've heard, you can still pay with Credit Card, just pay your monthly bill before the AutoPay kicks off.
  10. I think SignalCheck uses APIs for Qualcomm processor as it appears the signals are only read on devices using Qualcomm modems. Try Exynos/Kirin-based devices and you'll have a bad time. I think Mediatek processor (BLU HD R2) worked though so maybe Exynos/Kirin are using newer API that Signalcheck is just not utilizing.
  11. 3mbps is pretty slow. Imagine updating/downloading larger apps from the PlayStore or Apple Store. Something that could be downloaded in seconds is now minutes. I'm going to go ahead and just say that AT&T will discontinue this when it doesn't attract enough customers. The price for that tier of speed doesn't offer the same value that Verizon/T-Mobile give.
  12. Crazy to read how many Sprint customers are leaving. Looks like a lot of us depended on the subsidies to stay on Sprint. With that removal and Verizon being basically the same price as Sprint's current unlimited plan (for existing customers), I can understand there's little reason to stick around.
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