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  1. Thanks. That's where I figured it would end up going. My luck, if I did that they wouldn't let me keep my current plan. I'm on the ED1500 and don't want to lose it.
  2. I would be curious about that as well. I have 4 phones whose plans are up between 5/15 and 7/15. I don't want to lease. Unfortunately, I think I'm SOL to get anything now unless I do a lease, unless what optumummind has done would somehow work for me.
  3. This article's writer has a future...writing for The Onion.
  4. I would have agreed with going toward the Nexus line until the Lollipop update turned my tablet into a paperweight this spring. Now, I'm not so sure.
  5. Haven't seen B41 at all here in Fort Myers. Have seen it in the county to the north of us, and not sure about the south toward Naples. I've been on the phone with Customer Care a couple times in the past month about how poor the LTE speeds are here. I'm lucky to get 1 up or down on B26, and I live less than 2.25 miles from 3 towers. Hopeful that it will improve soon.
  6. Thanks. Probably the areas you mention in Madison, but then may hit some of the state parks out west of the city around Mt Horeb and Dodgeville. Any recommendations?
  7. Good morning. May be looking to travel up toward Madison in the next few weeks, and was curious to know how performance is on the west side of Madison, as well as points west outside the city. From the maps, it looks like once you go west of Mt. Horeb, you're in 3G, or you're off network and roaming. Thanks in advance!
  8. To greencat's post above, do they do B26 and B41 at the same time, or are they independent of one another?
  9. I haven't seen anything for B41 yet via SignalCheck, but that doesn't mean it hasn't arrived along with B26.
  10. Had my first B26 sighting in South Fort Myers this morning. Hope that's a good sign of things to come...
  11. I'd appreciate an invite if someone has one available.
  12. Thanks. Did that. Have sent in issues before, but never have heard anything back. Is there a way to access a log of issues that have been submitted via the Sprint Zone?
  13. Was up at UTC and in that area this past weekend. SignalCheck Pro showed connection to B26, but concur with ty that the speeds were bad at best. Looking forward to the expansion of B26/B41 around SW Florida, and hope they are just working the kinks out on that site.
  14. Great news for the Southeast side of South Florida. Looking forward to seeing B26 in Lee and Collier counties on the Southwest side!
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