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  1. I may be holding a S8 by the time Nougat for N5 is out.... I may even no longer be with Sprint, since they finally completely killed 2 year contract upgrade pricing and rumor is they are killing Loyalty monthly credit in April..... T-mo is looking better and better
  2. Fresh off the press 3x CA to be enable on some handset early 2017 http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sprints-secret-booster-will-make-your-high-end-handset-run-faster_id88990
  3. Because I have chargers spread through out the house and all of our cars and in the office at work
  4. In a pinch google voice integration + hang out dialer work as VoIP on Wifi or Mobile Data
  5. I live in Chicago, anyone know how to enable/check for 3x CA on the device? I still only see 2 carrier under ##debug# LTE engineering -- edit - N/M press release say we need an update
  6. http://www.displaymate.com/Galaxy_Note7_ShootOut_1.htm Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  7. half a day with the note 7 so far, sitting in the same spot i've been in all week for this particular location it seem the note 7 was slightly better.. sitting at -99/98 dBm where the note 5 was in the -100ish range. I don't have 2 lines avaliable for me to do side by side unfortunately
  8. There's a blue light filter option(help people fall asleep easier at night with a warmer screen), did some of those user turned it on by accident?
  9. Not much other choice for Andriod, the top chips are either snapdragon or Exynos, and the Exynos GPU is pretty slow in comparison. sad to say, Apple single core still the best out there
  10. I don't doubt the iphone is faster, but the Note 7 is pushing nearly 4x the pixels... I would say try that again with the game launcher restricting to HD or FHD, and using dev option to reduce the transition animation to 0.5x and compare again to see if the note 7 was able to close the gap a good bit or not
  11. Don't you get it in the activation email? It is subject Thanks for activating your device on sprint.com I get it when i swap phone between lines too Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  12. Can you try to see if adjusting the ##Data# LTE band priority for B41 first help?
  13. Did we ever get a ERP/EIRP report for the note 7? I'm planning to take advantage of the best buy $20 loyalty credit offer to "early upgrade" 2 of my lines
  14. I would not mind getting the microSD back along with a few of the other new features. The USB C would mean i need a new gear VR though, hope they have a free Gear VR promo
  15. a trick i like to use is to use the home button to wake up the phone, and leave the thumb on the button for the fingerprint, rather than using the power button and then try to fingerprint. seems to help
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