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  1. Downloaded SignalCheck Pro app the other day, have since driven from Milwaukee to Sheboygan and Milwaukee to FonduLac, I have a Galaxy S3 and once near Sheboygan I got a LTE signal alert and once on the way to Fondulac, I believe it was near West Bend also. I was pretty excited, of course the others in the car thought I was just a little nutz ! I work downtown Milwaukee and travel frequently between there and Port Washington, no alerts along that path yet
  2. okay, thanks for the feedback, I downloaded speedtest this morning and tried a couple of tests (with my work wifi hotspot off). From my desk I get 217 kbps down and 16 up and seems I have to orient my phone just right to get a signal. The building I work in is pretty much a concrete bunker and I'm about 25 feet from a window. Friday someone left the company, his cubicle is right at the window. Ran a test there, 394 down and 105 up. I can probably live with that, especially with a more consistent signal until LTE arrives. I guess I better inquire about changing offices before someone beats me to it ! the technical information on this site is impressive, and at this point mostly over my head, but I'll learn !
  3. Ok, I'm a newbie, looking for some feedback as to sprint signal strength availability in the Milwaukee area. I just switched to sprint from AT&T to join a family account with my girlfriend to save money on my monthly bill (old phone was provided thru work, no data provided by work) I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I work downtown milwaukee area and it seems my 3G is not even that great, if I'm not at a wifi hotspot it seems I can barely do anything data related on this awesome phone. I also spend about 3 nights a week a half hour north of downtown and I'm maybe off the freeway all of 3 miles and from there, even just making a voicecall is a challenge sometimes. Aside from being completely dissappointed and locked into this for two years, I'm looking for any tips or other use experiences to compare to. At this point I'm not even sure what my expectations should be, as to reasonable or not. thanks
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