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  1. RT @LehighSports: A look at the pin from Nate Brown in @LehighWrestling's big win over Ohio St. Lehigh faces No. 2 Missouri at 4 pm ET. htt…

  2. I agree about the service downtown... Everbank has added WIFI inside the stadium but I too was getting Spark service during football games this past fall in most areas... The Spark was faster than the Everbank WIFI... I now get 41 inside my house though I typically just use WIFI with my 100MB speed from Xfinity...
  3. I was flying out of Douglas airport the other day and LTE Discovery beeped at me that it locked on to a B41 signal which for one of the few times here in Charlotte it held on to... I did a speed test with Sensorly and got a download speed at B41 at 26MB at the airport... I was picking up the B41 outside the terminal... Inside, I was still getting B25 and B26 on my Galaxy 5 and turned on my Hot Spot to use my tablet and got great speed with it inside... Much faster than the airport free WIFI which would not even connect... I've been getting some B41 connections in and around Myers Pa
  4. I have told my phone plan users to turn off roaming data... If they really need to get Data , then turn it on briefly to reduce the amount of roaming if they need to pull in email or something... But keeping it off so these smart phones don't keep sucking data is the best approach.... The better Sprint coverage is also helping...
  5. My G5 is working great for WIFI calling in a location where I've had an AirRave.. I am sending mine back even though it's not being charged... It's of no value to me and it's just another piece of equipment plus even though it's not much, it's another trickle device sucking energy.. In addition, the regular Sprint network around me has also improved a great deal in the year since I got the thing,, So I am sending it back and be a good citizen.. At my other location in Jacksonville, the Sprint network continues to improve with now LTE coverage inside my house I don't need due to HS Xfi
  6. On the old plans, it was a soft limit of 300MB... On the new plans it's a hard limit of 100MB with prices for overage.. Most of the time it's no big deal except when going into the country... Will then have to turn off roaming data to keep it from grinding away....
  7. I figure they think they can snow everybody except those of us who actually know and care about this stuff who frequent websites like this.. Since we are captured customers in a way, why should they really care... They are out there trying to sell to the masses.. As I said previously, I never buy a thing at the Sprint store because their knowledge is typically bad about these kinds of things although I was trying to tell my son-in-law last week to go get his IPHONE upgrade at a store since it would be free... But he went to BB instead...
  8. I am heading to game tonight... How do you get B41 on my Galaxy 5??? I have gotten LTE plenty of times there...
  9. I went into the Sprint store at the Town Center yesterday since I was in the area and questioned the data usage on my phone for the first day... I figured it might be late posting from previous month when I was streaming on a drive down from NC.... but whatever... anyway, in talking with the supposed most technical guy in the store, I asked if he knew anything about B41 towers... This guy seemed totally lost because it was clear I knew more about this then he did.... Is it any wonder that the store was empty??? Nobody in that store really knew what I was talking about... This guy claimed
  10. Is it my imagination or does HD Calling work with WIFI calling on my Galaxy 5???? It does sound great when talking to other Sprint phones when I call using my WIFI calling.. I am returning the AirRave I got last year to help with service in my condo... Not needed anymore now that WIFI calling is working....
  11. I also have noticed more "White" space on the Sprint Map recently which were light purple.. On a recent trip to Northern LP Michigan, I used a fair amount of roaming data on a weekend when I staying at an old summer camp on Grand Traverse Bay I attended as a teen for a reunion. I could get a light Sprint signal but until it started roaming to a Verizon tower across the water, I could get no data to check email.. I also noticed while driving around the area, voice access but no data even in some areas showing up as not roaming.... I ended up using a little over 200MB on my phone in m
  12. All phones can upgrade with Easypay anytime.... You have to wait 20 months to get a true subsidized upgrade... In my case of 5 lines, 1 of those lines was way past the 20 month period thus by the rules the whole account could change to the new rate plan at $15.. If all your phones got a subsidized upgrade during the last 20 months, then the only way to kick your account into the new rate plan is to add a line... BTW,,,, that line can be added using an old phone you have or you can get a cheap older phone... That's why I had my son-in-law run out yesterday and update his Iphone to a 5S
  13. That is only true for the family plan if you have no lines eligible for an upgrade... don't know the status of your account... Once you buy a phone, you can then move all your lines if none of your lines are eligible... In my case, I left one and I was good to go... Pays to read the fine print!!
  14. Pretty sure Sprint is holding back on unlimited tether because the B41 speeds will start to approach typical speeds you get from non-Wireless... Not a problem today because that network is not here yet but I do get LTE measurements in the 20MB speed which suck a metered system quickly... But that's not how I watch stuff anyway and frankly even when I have longish streams, it still does not matter..
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