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  1. I switched late last year to T-Mobile and I've noticed T-Mo has done a lot of upgrades in the northern Shenandoah Valley within the past 2 months. I highly doubt they would have done the upgrades if they had any thought they would have to shut down the network within two years. Band 71 has been added to many sites in the area and I think I may have found a brand new site active near Winchester Medical Center, unless it's some sort of DAS. I'm not really sure yet. I'm inside the building and have a very strong signal on B66 and B2.
  2. No update for the Sprint branded phones yet.
  3. If you are having any data issues, try doing a profile update again. I had to disable B25 because it just wasn't working, especially on upload. After doing a profile update last night and testing it today, my phone seems much better than it had been. I had a couple data glitches but nothing like it had been. It's definitely improved.
  4. The new update hasn't fixed the data issue for me. I guess I'm going to have to contact Sprint about my options.
  5. There's plenty of us who are having issues. I have zero data on Band 25 and on Band 2 with T-mobile. It's different for everyone though. Some have no issues, some have issues like me with only one band, and others have zero connectivity. Another weird thing is I have decent download data but my upload on B41 and B26 is excruciatingly slow. There's obviously something going on with this phone. There's plenty of people complaining about it on Twitter and reddit. I just hope the software update fixes it.
  6. I saw on reddit and another site that it's rumored Sprint/Samsung will be pushing an update for the mobile data issues on 3/27 (Wed). Hopefully that will solve the issues some of us have been having with slow or no data.
  7. I was having some serious data issues last night and did some reading. Apparently Sprint is aware of the issue. Someone posted to disable B41 and it is fixing the issue for some people. So far, that seems to be working for me. I had zero data on B25 and now it's working after disabling B41. Hopefully Sprint and Samsung can figure out what the issue is and get a patch out quickly. This is frustrating to have a new phone that I have to use neutered.
  8. I see at Best Buy they have the S10+ $100 cheaper than Sprint or direct from Samsung. They are also offering the same trade-in values as Samsung. I would get $300 for my S8+. It says on Best Buy's website that the trade credit would be given as a gift card. Does anyone know if the gift card can be used toward the cost of the phone? It would only be $600 for an S10+ if that's the case ($25 a month). If I can't use it toward the phone, then it's useless to me as I don't need anything else at the moment.
  9. S8+ in the Shentel area. I also travel to the Philly market to visit my parents and VoLTE works well there too.
  10. I'm really not certain, but the tower closest to me also has it in Woodstock. I find myself on it fairly regularly. There is no CA when on the 10 mhz channel. It's not just for idling. It stays on the channel even when using data, so I assume it's used for load balacing. Maybe someday it'll be used as a secondary download for CA with B25. That would probably be pretty cool. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. The same tower in Front Royal mentioned above (306 N Royal Ave) added a 10 mhz 3rd carrier on B41. I noticed it last night. Front Royal has a lot of Sprint users and the towers do slow down during the day and evening. This should definitely help in the downtown area.
  12. Cool. Maybe the Sprint towers were down for a few minutes. That's the first time I've seen that. Thanks for the explanation.
  13. Can anyone explain this? I saw this in Front Royal just a little bit ago. I was able to screen shot it and it stayed for about 5 minutes but I can't get it to come back again. Not sure where it was coming from, but probably one of the towers in town. I was close to the Remount Rd tower, but it could not have been coming from there since the signal was too weak. SCP says it's a clearwire PLMN, but the engineering screen says Sprint. It also showed as Roaming, which is even more weird. Anyway, if someone knows what this is about, I'm curious.
  14. Yeah, that makes more sense. I hadn't heard of Sprint trading any G block. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. OK, maybe Tengen meant B25, not necessarily G Block. That would make more sense.
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