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  1. Anyone know what happens to Shentel now that the merger is approved? Does Shentel get to stay? I know they have to fulfill their contract but I meant beyond that..
  2. Does anyone know if Shentel will be deploying 5G or will that be taken over by Sprint? The Sprint 5G map: http://coverageort.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp? currently only shows 5G deployed in the NoVA area which I don’t think is under Shentel.. (Put a pin down in a location to see if it already has 5G.) I know it’s still very early but, I’m just wondering.
  3. iOS 12.1.1 with carrier bundle 35.0 enabled VoLTE in soft launch areas.. Anybody in Shental area luck getting it to work? iPhone 8 and up required.
  4. Just some more 2x carrier aggrigation from Tanglewood/Roanoke VA. https://imgur.com/a/f4pak
  5. iPV6 also now pushed out to all (unconfirmed) of the nTelos area.
  6. It’s A LOT better. Coverage is 99% where Verizon is and sometimes even more. The speeds are also getting more consistent.
  7. Sorry I can’t figure out how to edit on mobile. Uploaded some screenshots.. Lower download speeds however still shows 2X CA. Exact GPS location if anyone wants to check.
  8. Picked up 2x Carrier Aggrigation on Band 41 by the Sams Club area in Ronoke, VA. Pulled about 50 Mbps down, .5 Upload. Wasn’t able to screenshot the field test because I accidentally closed it on my X. Can anyone else confirm?
  9. Sprint has coverage at 99% of places Verizon does in the city and surrounding areas, they're on every , even where ATT doesn't but speeds are very bad to lower ok, usually .5 to 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps at most at about 10% of the time.. It used to be better but now that almost all Sprint customers are on LTE, it's been pretty crap. There is Band 41 85% of the time, with B25 the other 10% and Band 26 the last 5%. Sometimes speeds on Band 26 and 3G are better then Band 41. It's cheap so a lot of people here have it but the people who want speed have Verizon or ATT.
  10. I have a magic box in the Roanoke, VA area. Fails to configure. Sprint told me to send it back.
  11. Does anybody know of any improvement going on or about to happen in the Roanoke valley area? I used to get 60+ at my house from the beginning with B41, now I’m at 5-20 Mbps.. The pings are higher, however B41 actually works now in the Valley View area.. (it wouldn’t even assign an IP at the beginning).. I’m wondering if CA is scheduled to come to town any time soon.. pretty big market for Sprint here..
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