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  1. What is the process for upgrading existing LTE Plus sites to 3X20 CA, once WiMax is shutdown? Does it require a visit to the site, or can it be done remotely?
  2. I think Alpha is the G2. Beta doesnt look as good IMO
  3. Anyone had any battery issues with the G2? Ive heard how this battery is one of the best out there, but I'm not getting more than 2.5 hours of screen time on a full charge with maybe 30 minutes of calls. I was expecting it to be similar to the Note 3 which i would get 5-6 hours of screen time on a full charge. Ive only had it a couple days so maybe it will get better. Anyone else running into this?
  4. Then it hard resets itself after it activates haha
  5. I was concerned about the usable screen size as well, but after playing with it in the att store I fell in love with the size. It is a very small phone, and the ease of one handed use is very important to me. I know yall don't want to hear this but it feels like an iPhone.
  6. Gotta love Ericsson... I'm obviously in an Ericsson market as well. Seems that they have more issues than most, but honestly I'm just glad to see the 800 turning on lol even if it doesn't work.
  7. I know I've seen people discussing this before but I couldn't find it. Has anyone had issues with 1x800 during network vision where it is broadcasting but you cannot place or receive calls? This is happening on multiple sites in my market and I cannot find a way to switch to 1900 only for the time being. I have a galaxy s4 so the *#*#4636#*#* code doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can force it to PCS? I know I might have to hard reset to get 800 working again and I'm okay with that, just need a temporary fix.
  8. I have noticed that in my market, the towers take about 3-4 days to work correctly after accepted. I have not noticed any long term changes that are taking place. I am in an Ericsson market.
  9. We can talk all we want about sprint making their network footprint larger, but at the end of the day this isn't a realistic possibility. Verizon bought large chunks of their network and those opportunities don't exist now. The overwhelming majority of cell phone subscribers don't need coverage in Podunk little towns. They need the best voice coverage and the fastest data speeds where normal people travel. I'm talking about cities and towns of more than 2k people and along major highways. That's it, and I think Sprint can do that. It's spectrum is so unique in the US market and network vision should be the piece that gets them there.
  10. Are those the sprint variant? Demo units?
  11. Here's some pics for any spotters out there of these things up close and personal. They look just like digiblur posted originally. I have more pics if anyone wants them just PM me.
  12. Do you pick up 800 voice in other areas that you didn't used to roam or can you just see the expanded coverage? Does your device try to hold onto 1900 too long?
  13. And within days of me asking, I have found a 1X800 site up and running in Lubbock. Hope this is a sign of more good things to come.
  14. Digiblur, what kind of rollout timeframe are you expecting for LTE 800? Does the end of the year for a large majority of LTE 1900 accepted sites seem realistic or is that just wishful thinking?
  15. Same GPU as the S4 and everyone thinks it has enough power to run android and touchwiz right?
  16. I personally want a moto x because of the touchless control features, and the great battery life while still maintaining a very compact design. I went to an AT&T store to check one out and the phone is so small and surprising they packed a 4.7" screen into it, even if it is 720p. I just find it very difficult to see the difference in screen quality and unlike most of you guys I think the X8 computing system is the real deal. It saves battery and is still very snappy on an almost vanilla version of android.
  17. Anyone seen any 1x800 testing in West Texas? I've been searching all throughout Lubbock and can't find anything. Maybe someone in Amarillo might have some luck?
  18. We are arguing about $5 per month per phone. That's nothing in the big picture. I would prefer not having my data throttled and a great spectrum position which will make sprint the better network long term without question. Just give it some time, and I think sprint will show why they are worth that small difference in price. For one phone sprint is even cheaper, it just depends on your situation.
  19. You do still receive NVP discounts on my way plans, just not on the all in my way plan. (simply everything w/ 5gb hotspot) Which is the same as is was before. The difference is, your discount now comes off the data plan ($30 or $20 per phone) as opposed to receiving your discount off the primary line on a family plan. This does end up netting a smaller discount unless you have more than 4 phones with unlimited data. The new plans, however, will end up being more expensive because of the higher cost per line even after receiving your discount on 3+ phones. Make sense?
  20. Plainview has a couple 4G LTE towers accepted if I am not mistaken.
  21. There were many sites in Lubbock today giving LTE icon but no connection with pings of 3000+ if any. Anybody know if there is any correlation to this and actual LTE service? Must mean the new base stations and RRU's have been installed right? But maybe no backhaul? Time will tell...
  22. Just to check in, any of you guys with the 4G icon but no data service end up getting real LTE soon after? Just wondering if theres any correlation.
  23. So now that iDen is shutdown, when can we expect a 800mhz rollout? From my understanding, the equipment is capable and it is as simple as a software upgrade. Is this something that involves a technician visiting the site? Thanks in advance.
  24. The tower across the street from my house says 2 data speed upgrades, and has for over a month. Still not broadcasting LTE. It has the new panels, RRU's and the new base station just can't confirm back haul which is supposed to be fiber.
  25. Almost every Lubbock tower has the new panels and RRUs Only 3 towers are broadcasting, but there is quick progress being made. I will add some pics shortly.
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