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  1. thetio


    When I search on there, I don't even see my WISP. I am bit worried with the new definition of broadband though. IF the FCC takes away the subsidies, I am afraid I may lose my internet or at least pay a lot more which I don't wanna do.
  2. thetio


    Whenever I saw a truck for a company that said they did internet, I would go home and look them up. The first one was a newer startup and the guy stopped by our house. It was awful as soon as they had customers. Speeds were slow. The new one I have is better but still not perfect.
  3. thetio


    I had hughes net for about 25 days. Luckily a WISP came in and rescued me. The high costs coupled with the caps and the speeds before were awful. I too am waiting for the day that I can get DSL/cable. I am only about 5-10 miles outside of town but don't see anything coming my way so I am sticking with my WISP
  4. I will take an invite if anyone has any left...
  5. Mike, this is probably addressed but on the S5 when I go into B26, I don't have a signal strength.
  6. So recently my S5 started having awful battery drain. It was the same time that sprint service got really bad in my area. With the Epic4g, the ToS bug caused a battery drain but if you look at my battery usage, it is phone now. Also my ToS is 0%. Any suggestions short of a wipe. I deleted all recent apps and added Lookout after it started. Also, I can't seem to attach an image to my post https://www.dropbox.com/s/8xlkt5qhchs6wpj/2014-06-13%2023.34.59.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/y116vi9iam4cent/2014-06-14%2000.11.45.png
  7. I am pretty jealous of those speeds lol At least I know with Sprint is just a matter of time
  8. Now I am not getting any data at work. It says 3g but won't pull anything. It is getting really frustrating. I just want the old LTE back.
  9. I agree. I had awesome LTE service until they started with the B26 stuff. Now when I sit at work, I am stuck mostly on 3g which seems to have slowed as well. Maybe that is a result of more people dropping off of LTE like myself. I hope this is the case. I really like Sprint and they have been great but man I want my LTE back.
  10. I have to use Fixed broadband at my house as we are too far out for cable/DSL. If sprint had a comparable rate plan/service, I would definately look at using them as well. I agree with Fraydog though, I would love to see cable/DSL come out to my neck of the woods so I have choices.
  11. How do I disable band 26 Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  12. I am still having issues as well. At work, LTE is intermittent. I assume that isn't an ECSFB issue as I was under the impression that I would not have LTE at all if they couldn't hand off. I would love to have LTE where I did prior to this. I had it at home and at work all the time. Hopefully they do get this straightened out.
  13. I like the contract pricing. If they made it easy to discount my bill without having to go find a bunch of strangers to add to my bill I would be willing to look at the off contract. The discount on my monthly bill for a BYOD would have to be greater than the easy pay price. I have never had any desire to leave Sprint though so the contract portion doesn't bother me.
  14. So I have another question about this. Prior to the upgrade, I was always able to get LTE at my work location. Since they upgraded the site, my S5 jumps between 3g and LTE a lot. Sometimes it is B26 LTE, sometimes only 3g. Is this part of the optimization process and is it normal?
  15. Thank you. I forgot it today but I will try it. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
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