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  1. I have gone through our PayPal records and I do not see your donation. Please send a message to our S4GRU Administrator account with the PayPal email address you used and we will sort it out. Thanks. Robert S4GRU Administrator
  2. stool sample Robert via NOVO7 Paladin ICS Tablet on Tapatalk
  3. SDherron

    AT&T launching loyalty program.

    Did you just say opine? That's a two-dollar word! Although, I do agree with your sentiment. Sent from my NOVO7PALADIN using Tapatalk
  4. And that's what I'm looking forward to ultimately. TouchWiz, what??? What's that? I can't wait to hear those words. Yea, I'm a TW hater. Its true. - Robert
  5. Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 22 November 2011 Verizon has done a great job, largely because of these three parts... Part of it is because 700MHz is faster to deploy because of it's much larger coverage area (approximately 5 times greater than 2500MHz). Having to deploy only one fifth the number of sites that Clearwire had to per market makes for faster and less expensive deployment. Part of it is because they planned it out far in advance. They committed to LTE 2 years in advance of deployment, waited for pricing to come down so their money would go farther and detailed everything to the Nth degree. The last part is because Verizon is a well run carrier. I have no idea who specifically maintains Verizon's network.
  6. Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 1 December 2011 It doesn't appear so. In fact, Sprint says they will even offer more equity funding, but only if others do too. Because they want to maintain their 49.6% share. They don't want to own any more of Clearwire than that.