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  1. Are current generation phones that Sprint is selling capable of using its VoLTE when it arrives (eg G3, S5 etc) or will all new handsets be needed?
  2. chgoguy80

    LG G3

    Sprint issued the press release saying available July 18th http://www.marketwatch.com/story/lg-g3-with-the-power-of-sprint-spark-and-value-of-sprint-framily-plans-available-beginning-on-july-18-2014-07-03 But it does not mention whether it will be the 16GB/2GB or the 32GB/3GB version. Do we know for sure which Sprint will carry and if will be the same memory spec as the other carriers?
  3. Exactly. I really doubt it, at least due to subsidies. Competition possibly could cause some drop as people realize they do not HAVE TO HAVE AN iPhone and Android gets more competitive with the G3 etc challenging Samsung and non-high end phones being good enough for many most people. And here is why I think so. Framily plans are good for some that want to give up unlimited data and rarely replace phones and really bad for others especially if you want unlimited data and replace your phone every 20 months to 2 years. Though the US is a big market when you compare retail prices here in the US to Europe where phone subsidies from what I read are NOT done and haven't been done for a longtime at least. One would think the full retail price would be lower than here (based on no subsidy = lower price) since people have to pay for the full cost. But again from what I have seen for the iphone and high end Android their prices are actually quite a bit higher than the US. If no subsidy there ends up in even higher prices why would you think ending subsidies here would lower them?
  4. But you don't never have, plus on the initial say $199 you always pay less than that if one is smart and looks around. EasyPay you pay the full retail price. But the numbers you list are no where near what contract pricing is for many/most of us longtime customers on say 5 line plans.You sight $45+$30=$75/month Framily then if you don't want a new phone its $45/month. On contract we pay $42.50/line for unlimited data AND free/discounted (got S3 for $99 near launch and service credit covered most of the cost and activation fees waived) upgrades every 20 months. For many of us Framily, even if you go through the terrible hassle of finding people is just a huge price increase. I can see where Framily is a good deal for those with 1 or 2 lines and have been overpaying in the past.
  5. chgoguy80

    LG G3

    I see some don't think its a big upgrade from the G2. I'm on a Samsung S3 was going to get the S5 but everyone says how terrible the reception is on Sprint with it? To me it seems like it could be what the S5 was not for us Samsung users. Not too familiar with LG G2 but do they usually have good RF performance versus the Samsungs S3/S4 and especially S5?
  6. Let's hope this is a fake. All the specs seem the same as the regular S5. None of the reported features - 3GB Ram, QHD screen, and faster processor. It looks like the S5 with a metal back.
  7. If Sprint corporate is not behind this, I would think it should be a firing offense no warning. That kind of unethical behavior should not be tolerated by Sprint gives customers a really bad view of the company.
  8. Wow you are being so nice! I know this might be aimed at low-end folks (like Framily's target in general), the kind of folks who would have a spending limit on an account which evidently exists????? from posts, but these commercials to me are Eww! Fire the marketing guy.
  9. No offense, but why would anyone on a normal plan (I know better deal than Framily for most/many longtime customers) deal with the the expensive Easy Pay? Hit your 20 months maximum needed and upgrade to top of line phone for worst case (other than Note 3 which on Sprint is expensive but not top of the line not-Triband) $149 (S5 on release day) or wait 2 months and get it even cheaper?
  10. Ouch! Only 199.99 upgrade (249.99 -50 rebate)
  11. Just wondering why you have the S5 listed as 249.99 when upgrade price is 199.99?
  12. So option 1 isn't really a "sale"? (I get its a promotion and will drive certain types of customers but same cost overall). Second way, can 3rd party resellers independently (of Sprints prices at the time) drop the phone price lower (and easypay amount) lower than Sprint like they can now? Newboyx indicated the easypay amounts would be the same as Sprints prices. If resellers can't independently lower price/easypay amounts seems like it would be bad for customers and resellers since customers can't save money thru competition and resellers would lose one of their big differentiators - lower price or giftcards etc?
  13. I know, anyone know why ATT and Verizon got 32GB S4's and Sprint didn't? Or is it Sprint is so much smaller than ATT/Verizon so wasn't worth Samsung's time to have 2 special versions for Sprint?
  14. Based on that it seems like actual phone prices (due to lack of competition) paid by customers will be higher on Framily than currently (separate from the contract issue)? From what I have seen seen with contracts renewals, 3rd party are usually cheaper for phones than Sprints "official" prices which tend to penalize existing customers vs new. Example: Currently Best Buy Galaxy S4 $49.99, Sprint $199.99. If Easy Pay through Best Buy is same price as Sprint store prices, people would pay an extra $150 on Easy Pay? Any idea if the idea that Best Buy will lead with the Framily push, will you still have discounted prices/sales of contract phones? For those who work at Sprint stores and only advertise Framily, when you have a "sale/special" on a Framily phone does that reduction follow thru to the contract renewal price for the phone? Example Something like S4 regular price $600/24=$25/mo, contract upgrade price $250. If you have a Framily sale of say $500/24=$20.83/mo does the contract renewal price drop to $250-$100=$150?
  15. Thanks. Any hint on how soon contracts might disappear?, did it sound like many months down the road or like in the next month or two? (eg At least long enough to upgrade to the S5)
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