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  1. Is performance wise the same as 15x15? Is performance wise the same as 15x15?
  2. Sprint has 15x15 b25 at midway airport and 3xCA b41. Downloaded 2 netflix episodes in less than 10 mins. Very impressed!!
  3. Not sure if its related, buy network acted up all day yesterday across the midwest. Things are back to normal now.
  4. Midwest network is acting up...it's all normal now.
  5. Charter has more than just fiber. Think bundled services, great tool for retention. Think convergence...wire and wireless together, providing seamless multiple wireless services from one source.
  6. From the speed posts, i dont see any evidence of neglect. Also, the area just got 10x10.
  7. http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/t-mobile-s-digits-accounted-for-200k-net-adds-but-not-necessarily-new-customers-q2-new 200k numbers counted as subscriber adds...whoa! Sounds like the Tmo I know.
  8. If you have unlimited freedom, I think (I could be wrong) it's better than open world for canada and mexico since you can use unlimited LTE. As for other latin countries, I think you have to buy the speed pass, which is still reasonably low.
  9. Sprint is paying only up to 650 per line. So noone will be reimbursed for 650+. Most people no longer have ETF fees since 2 year contracts are one. Those who do would not owe anywhere to $350 max ETF fee. For those who have installment plans (which I say is the majority phone uses now, the max they can claim is whatever the cost of their phones up to $650 a line. Unless you know the breakdown of the phones people are trading in to Sprint, you can GUESS all you want. The trade in phones could be a majority of higher end Iphones or Samsung phones. Sprint could end up paying 400+, 500+, or 600+ for these phones. Sprint can resell these phones, but the cost to refurbish and resell must also be included. These phones can fetch 100, 200, or 300 dollars a phone as used, but the cost sprint has put in could easily be another 50 per phone from time of trade in to take resell. You also have to add in the costs of marketing to get these customers. The longer they have the phone the more the phones depreciate, this is another cost. I would guess it could easily be 400 on average per user for Sprint to acquire these new customers. Again, with ARPU is around $40 per user. That's why I think it makes sense for Sprint to choose the 1 year free service route for those who willing to do BYOD. This also frees up some near term financing obligation for Sprint (pay upfront cost for lease or installment phones, cost to refurbish and resell used phones, marketing costs, etc.). The idea that Sprint gained some "free" loading customers has near sighted reasoning.
  10. http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/verizon-top-donator-customers-to-competitors-q2-cowen?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal&mrkid=4640017&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkdGalpERmtOekEwTlRoayIsInQiOiI4NE1qdHEyMlM4N2pGWjRjeVM5NUVCWTZENlZrSHZTSmpDTVlrS3N5TlhXUTVsak83VEJLazdqbjl0UCtrZXMweDZxdXRmK0RkelZGODRmVm96RW9rXC9tY0JQR1wvZlorTzlrZlZuajgrWU1HTUZXZnFUa2Yyc1wvY3pBdTBHdCtcL3kifQ%3D%3D Interesting chart to look at...N is only at 178. I would not say this is 100% accurate.
  11. When you say most people, you mean how many? Any numbers to back it up? Why do you think it's $200 or probably far less? Also, the free year promotion was not marketed with any channels, so the marketing cost is minimal to none.
  12. And must also know, they are not paying up to $650 per line that comes in, with an average of $42 ARPU on Sprint's postpaid, that's the same as having new customers paying for one year of service or more. Tmo is paying how much to pay off them phones to switch over?? It's not accounting magic, but simple math without using any calculator tricks.
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