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  1. The map above is consistent with why the signal availability is generally available in the city, but venture out in the southern burbs, or the cape and it falls to 3g or even 1x at places.
  2. twitch

    LG V30

    Had so high hopes for the v30. Sad I had to end up returning it.
  3. twitch

    LG V30

    I see that too and I am on the sero plan. But they want a $25/mo fee for a 2 yr contract. EDIT: Just signed a 2 yr contract again for the lg v30+ for $450+tax+shipping = $490. If they start charging $25/mo on top, I'm out.
  4. Any word on XM carrying LG V30?
  5. twitch

    LG V30

    Anyone buying the v30+ tomorrow on sprint? If we go to another carrier (after paying off the phone in full), are there different versions of the phone to use on other US domestic carriers?
  6. No wifi calling is a deal breaker.
  7. Used to be a long time ago. Moved away and considering moving back. I was talking to a sprint store rep about your results above. He wasn't surprised . I had really hoped sprint would have improved over the years, though doesn't like much has changed in Boston.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I have a sprint SERO plan for $50 including a subsidized phone, but given the screen shots above you took, I think it may be worth giving up on sprint despite the sprint subsidized phone included at that rate. Going to Verizon's unlimited would be big jump in price, but xfinity mobile seems like an option (as much as I hate comcast, I'll be stuck with them @ JP). Thinking I'll wait for a while until xfinity mobile allows me to bring my own device though.
  9. How is your sprint cell signal in the Longwood area?
  10. Just got the google pixel phone which can do 3xCA, but not seeing any decent speeds in SLC. I guess I could drive out to Sandy or Murray, but would prefer to have some decent signal here @ SLC.
  11. This is great news. I have sprint and an iphone 6s that can do CA. Moving to SLC this summer to goto school @ U of U. Need to start looking for a place (any recommendations?) Hopefully in a neighborhood that will get google fiber and good LTE / CA signal.
  12. For Sioux Falls, SD, would you guys rate Verizon > ATT > T-MO >>> Sprint?
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