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  1. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. Stumbled upon this site searching for information on whether or not an unlocked iPhone 6 bought here in the usa will be able to use 4g lte on China mobile. I live and work part of the year in China and have been using unlocked iphones there for years. However, a restriction that China mobile (carrier) has is that it only allows domestic model phones access to its 4G or LTE speeds. Apparently China mobile uses TD-LTE or Band 41 which was never available on US models of iphones until the iphone 6. If I understand correctly, only the sprint model A 1586 and 1524 will have these TD-LTE bands (38-41) ? This article says even the usa unlocked iphone 6 will not have the TD-LTE bands I require. http://www.bgr.in/news/apple-iphone-6-unlocked-prices-in-the-us-announced-but-you-should-look-at-hong-kong-instead/ It says I should buy the Hong Kong unlocked model which works out to about $40 more. That's fine, I don't mind to pay the extra $40 but my question which is better way to go? Can I buy an Iphone 6 here from sprint , pay them whatever fees required and let them unlock it for me for China carriers but no other domestic carriers? Or pay full price and buy the Hong Kong model? Will it work on all the carriers here in the usa? I live in Hawaii and I don't think Sprint has 4G or LTE service here yet. Maybe you folks here who are much smarter than me can figure out the best way for me to be able to have access to LTE speeds in China and here in Hawaii using the iPhone 6. Thanks so much. SMB
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