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  1. When I upgraded to the Note 5 last year, I bought 3 holster cases from Amazon. The clips on the 1st 2 broke within the 1st four weeks. The 3rd holster case was the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. This case is incredible, considering it is less than $20. I've never had any problems with it. However, when initially installing it, I removed the glued-in plastic screen protector as interfered with the glass screen protector I had previously installed. Upon removing the plastic screen protector, the case fit perfectly. I can't upgrade to the Note 7 until after 9/1/2016, BUT I have already ordered my Supcase. Eric
  2. Well I think have some great news for us here in the Cedar Falls, Iowa area. My house is about 1/4 mile as the crow flies (Fairview Cemetary / 1216 Clark Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613) and @ 19:20 I'm receiving an LTE signal. I know that the strength of the signal is pretty bad - but I'm in the basement. So, tomorrow I should be able to grab screenshots of this tower and then see if they've turned on any of the other remaining towers. Yay!
  3. From that comment, I have a question resulting from conversations this morning with reps at a local Sprint franchise location and a corporate rep who was at our local Best Buy to assist with the Apple roll-out this morning. Do I believe these folks who stated that I should choose to go ahead and upgrade to the Note 3 because this area (Waterloo, Iowa) will not see the network upgraded to take advantage of the tri-ban LTE until the end of 2014?
  4. Howdy folks! New member from Cedar Falls / Waterloo here. Discovered this awesome forum last weekend, signed up and within a few hours shot some money over to Robert to support this cause! Currently a 4-year Boost supporter and had no idea that Waterloo had one Wimax tower. So for the last week I've been driving around Waterloo adding to the Sensory coverage. As soon as Sprint goes live with 4G here and in Des Moines (that's where my boyfriend lives) we'll both be changing over to Sprint's Unlimited Everything with new Note 3's. I'm hoping it will be like going from walking to making the jump to light speed. ;-) Thanks for all the good info interspersed with friendly banter!
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