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  1. Just guessing but I think it's about text messaging since Essential Phone runs Google's text app.
  2. My dad's Magic Box did that one time before. I first factory reset it and then moved it to a different Window. Dad lives in the country and the foliage had got thicker so the MB loss its donor site. I would imagine in the city if a new building or construction came up that would cause that issue as well.
  3. I called my local ISP today. Going tomorrow to pick up modem from Spectrum. I will have to think of another way to save money. We have to have reliable internet. Sprint Customer Support has been communicating with me so although we haven't found a solution yet I am impressed that they talk with me and call me back. They even texted me. The deal Spectrum offered me is only good for 12 months so hopefully by then the new T-Mobile will offer home internet. I hate only having 1 choice with home broadband.
  4. I was trying to leverage our unlimited plans and save money on cable internet. We only have one ISP on my street. I always get in trouble when I try to save money. I was trying to save money due to student loan debt payments. I spoke to Magic Box support today. The rep says Band 41 is new to Piedmont, SC. She put in a ticket to the network guys to double check that everything went ok with the tower climb. Told me to give them 72 hours.
  5. I'll think about it. My wife wants to switch before the merger with T-Mobile. We still have 2 devices under lease though. I will see how it goes without the Magic Box and make a decision based on that. I think in theory the MB is a good idea but it has to be smarter. Maybe Gen 3 will be better.
  6. Well, I spoke too soon. I started having issues again Tuesday night. Wife was upset that she couldn't watch YouTube or Hulu. I called Magic Box Support again and the rep had a theory of why sometimes I get fast speeds and sometimes I get poor speeds on the MB. He said it was because there were more than one tower serving my home and at least one of those towers is either over crowed or just a touch too far away. He pushed a factory reset on the unit and right after everything was good. I had fast speeds again. Now, it's back to slow speeds. I think I'm going to throw in the towel and unplug the box. Hopefully Band 26 isn't as congested as it was in the past. But I can't take this one day it works one day it doesn't. I still think those smarts should be on the network or the magic box. It should be able to determine which tower is the fastest on its own.
  7. Yeah, same spot. I don't understand what Magic Box Support did. Too technical for me. I was on the phone with them for about 30 minutes troubleshooting.
  8. I finally broke down and called Magic Box Support. They did something to the unit because it rebooted on its own. It's still on Band 41 but now it's useable. I can browse the web and stream video. Magic Box support told me they would call me tomorrow to see if it is still working.
  9. My Magic Box saga continues. Over night the box found that weak Band 41 on it's own and switched to that. This morning I couldn't even browse the web. The connection would just time out. I checked the box and it was on -120 Band 41 downstairs. I'm going to try a different Window because I figure that's what Magic Box support would tell me. These devices should be smarter. I understand wanting to connect to Band 41 because that's where most of Sprint's spectrum is but come on. If service is so poor that a customer can't browse the web then the box should switch to a different Band. I may try a reset if moving Windows doesn't work.
  10. What I end up doing is moving my Magic Box Downstairs. I don't get as good of a signal downstairs but Band 41 became so weak that the Magic Box went to Band 25. Now I'm getting 40 Mbps down. If I were to give Sprint some advice I would say have the box do a speed test and if the speeds are too slow move to a different Band. Upstairs I get a stronger Band 25 but I can't put it up there because the Magic Box will connect to a very weak Band 41.
  11. I tried out the app last night. The issue I'm having is that the Magic Box is connected to a weak Band 41 (-123). While using the app I was only able to get Band 25 on my phone. My speeds before Magic Box were better. I reported fair speeds to Sprint using My Sprint app so how hopefully it improves. It is raining right now so the trees are wet. Normally I get -119 on the Magic Box when it's dry.
  12. Just an update. I experienced Band 41 congestion on a Mini Macro near the Mall in Greenville, SC. It was actually my first negative experience in a while. Also, on my Android I am seeing T-Mobile Roaming and it helps in places like Pelzer, Piedmont, and Easley. I was thinking about leaving for Spectrum Mobile but the T-Mobile Roaming caused me to paused that idea because it worked better than I thought in suburban areas outside of the City of Greenville. I only wished it showed up as Sprint instead of Roaming. I would like the phone to switch to T-Mobile based on speeds instead of coverage. Right now I only get T-Mobile if I'm outside the Sprint LTE coverage area.
  13. I see 3G every day too in rural SC. The LTE just doesn't seem to travel as far as 3G. In the city it's rare but in the country I see it alot. It works well though so I haven't complained. There aren't many users in rural SC.
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