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Forum or Wall. Which is best to discuss the topic at hand.


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I'm curious. As I go through the list of topics (when selecting the "View New Content" link), I noticed that we have a few a few forum posts such as this one that just point to the article in the Wall. That post with the link usually does not have any discussions.


The Wall article on the other hand, discusses the topic at hand and it includes discussions by the members.


Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't the Wall article just have the article and at the end of it have a link pointing to the forum discussion thread?



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The purpose of the article links in the forums is to give members who only access S4GRU via Tapatalk and Forum Runner a place where they can see the list of articles and click on a link to read the article.


They are not there for the purposes of giving threads for members to comment. If you access the forums from a computer, there is a description below these forums that explain their purpose.


Robert via NOVO7PALADIN Tablet using Forum Runner

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