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eSIM and required SIM updates


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In the past occasionally it was necessary to upgrade the physical SIM for various reasons. The most recent one was that I remember is the T-Mobile request to update to an R15 SIM. How is this type of update handled in an eSIM environment? Does the carrier push the update out somehow? Does the phone manufacturer do it with a new firmware update? Curious. Any insight appreciated.

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Esims definitely have more capabilities. Updates make sense from the carrier perspective.


On their esims, T-Mobile reportly is looking at the market you are in to determine if they turn on n25.  I am concerned how this will affect factory unlocked devices. Typically a factory unlocked phone has far more band options for roaming and to see when a new band is first being added to an area.

Unless Dish rises up, the big three may now start to tighten the noose. $35 fee is just one example.

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