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Oddball Question but I'm sure someone knows the answer


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I'm curious about something and figured someone on the forum would know the answer.

Case in point ... 6 years ago my wife and I both got CPAP machines. Both "phone home" daily via a cellular connection for compliance and in the Settings it showed ATT 4G as the provider when we first got them. Recently I noticed my machine had more "bars" on the signal strength indicator than previously and my wife's did not change so I looked at the Cellular settings for both machines. My wife's still said ATT 4G but mine now says T-Mobile 4G. How can this change? I don't see any slot for a SIM card. The devices do have empty SD card slots and another slot about the size of an SD card also empty but the contacts don't look like a SD card.

Like I said, I'm curious how a cellular provider can be changed without physical access to the device. Being the devices are 6 years old could eSim magic be the secret?



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The ability of my vehicle to get navigation signal has sometimes dramatically changed after software updates.  I can only assume they reprogrammed the modem in some fashion.

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