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9 hours ago, red_dog007 said:

Outside their native coverage, whose network on these guys using these days?

In the past they had a "roam like home" deal with Sprint and I think that their agreement expanded to include T-Mobile as their primary roaming partner however I'm sure they have other secondary roaming partners like U.S. Cellular in areas where T-Mobile isn't available.

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Hmm.. I'd rather it be VZW or ATT.  I got two lines that need renewals next month and I think I will throw one of them on this service to see whats up and just to throw a little cash at C Spire.  Support a little guy.

It is supper weird cause it looks like TMobile coverage, but when I zoom in, their talk, text and data coverage is adds more, many places TMobile has zero coverage, Sprint had zero coverage and no regional providers exist. It doesn't match up with AT&T or even VZW coverage.

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    • Let me take a look tonight. 
    • Actually, I notice it says whole clusters were skipped because of invalid TAC values.  It says "File exported for inspection."  I do have Log Sites with Missing TAC checked. Robert
    • I was able to figure this out by looking at your diagnostic reports -- you're seeing n7 because your Galaxy A32 is reporting it natively as n7.. Samsung will have to fix that on their end unfortunately. Do the engineering screens report it correctly? I have an A32 test device but I have not seen it connect to n41 (or "n7") yet. If I do, I'll try to troubleshoot and nag Samsung. EDIT: After I installed the new Android 12 update, I'm now seeing the n7 bug too -- I will reach out to Samsung. They were very responsive when I reported some related glitches with the initial A32 software.
    • I appreciate the feedback today -- another new is SCP beta rolling out right now! It should resolve the force closes that started with yesterday's beta release; I also made additional improvements that hopefully(?) will reduce ongoing issues with overall app stability.
    • I'm noticing a spike in instability while driving around testing the app today also.. more freeze-ups than crashes, but it's probably all related. Hopefully any crash reports that are collected can shed some light on it for me. I'll be looking into it later tonight.
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