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Coverage Map update 5/15

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Sprint's coverage map has been updated.  It's a little "wonky" right now though.  Some Sprint coverage is not showing up until I zoom in.  It also looks like it's showing more T-Mobile roaming coverage (namely in Montana).

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Well I guess it isn't actually roaming anymore even if it shows as such as TMobile coverage is now native coverage provided your phone has the necessary bands to latch onto whatever technology those particular towers are broadcasting. 

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    • actually just got a call from sprint where I had contacted them and was advised this is due to tmobile working on the towers in my area and should be resolved tomorrow.  
    • I got a new magic box gold with voice amp from the magic box gen 2.  I could not get it to pick up a signal.  The gen 2 showed 3 bars.  I called sprint and they said the technology the gold uses is not in my area.  The reactivated the gen 2.  Now I can not get it to pick up anywhere.  Makes it to 39% and reboots.  I've even tried it on the back porch for testing where my phone gets 2 bars of LTE.   Weird.   
    • Got my fastest speeds on T-Mobile 5G yet, today. This is on mmWave. I have a feeling that the reason I never connect to n41 is because I'm either close enough that I can connect to n261 or so far that I can only connect n71.  
    • Ajit Pai is making lots of enemies on the road to 5G In moving to free up Wi-Fi and bolster superfast service, Pai has alienated some industries, congressional committees and Trump Cabinet leaders. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/08/ajit-pai-enemies-5g-351803
    • Hey Jonny...     I used to connect to B41 at my home all the time up until a year ago or so.   I think some of it was moved/converted to N41 which was irritating.   They have 160mHz or more in this area.   They only had 20-40mhz deployed around me and then chose to convert some of that over.     You are one of the lucky ones I guess.   If Sprint network works great, then you have 2 networks that perform decently.   Either one they move you to / shut off, you'll be ok until full integration. 
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