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  1. Has anybody used the Kyocera Verve? I'm looking to go back to a basic phone, partly to cut my bill. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that Sprint allows smartphones to have just talk and text.
  2. Thanks for the example. Here are a few examples I found that are of interest: January 2016 Property Owner: AMERICAN TOWERS INC PO BOX 723597 ATLANTA GA 31139-0597 Contractor: TOWER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Purpose: TELECOMMUNICATIONS UPGRADE Location: 17561 CANBY RD Est. Cost: $25,000 April 2016 Property Owner: S B A PROPERTIES INC 8051 CONGRESS AVE STE 100 BOCA RATON FL 33487-1311 Contractor: SBA NETWORK SERVICES INC Purpose: TELECOMMUNICATIONS Location: 19166 BLUERIDGE MOUNTAIN RD Est. Cost: $15,500 Could these be sites that Sprint (or any other carrier) is leasing?
  3. What search terms should I use? Do Sprint or any of the other carriers typically have their name or a contractor's on the permit? My county posts PDF lists of building permits online. I searched keywords like "sprint", "t mobile", "verizon" and "at&t", but didn't find anything in the permits for this year.
  4. That's what I ended up doing. I tried logging in using my S4GRU password and it didn't work. So I just created the same screenname again.
  5. You guys are awesome. So can I use my s4gru account or do I have to create a new one?
  6. Yeah, I remember reading on CrackBerry a while ago that Samsung turned to BlackBerry for help with their enterprise KNOX program. Not sure what Apple is doing; I don't really follow them much. Thanks for your input. I think that's what I'm going to do. Is there a forum comparable to S4GRU that any of you all are aware of? I'm also curious to see what happens with this 600mhz auction. I'm hoping that the FCC lets Sprint and Tmo get a good piece of that spectrum.
  7. Ha, nice pun. Anyways, it's not a deal breaker for me if BlackBerry doesn't pick up those bands on their older models. The service I get is good enough for most of my purposes. I expect the new ones that Sprint and T-Mobile release will pick those new bands up. It's just a question of when those new models will be released. I think BlackBerry has decided on their course of action- pursuing the enterprise market. Since John Chen became CEO in late 2013, that's what he has been doing. They released a new version of BES, added additional enterprise features to BBM, and struck some new deals with Ford and Samsung. BlackBerry is still available to consumers, it's just not trying to go toe to toe with iOS, Android, and Windows like it did when BlackBerry 10 OS was first released.
  8. And that's what I like about them. There would be a wider variety of choices. But part of me likes Sprint as a company. It's kind of like they're the underdog and I want them to win. The same could be said of T-Mobile, though.
  9. Hi, (To moderators) Please move this thread if you think it fits better in another category. Thanks. So I noticed Sprint recently deployed B25 at the tower near(ish) my house (located in Northern Virginia). I'm picking up B25 intermittently on the top level and outside. Even without B25, I am satisfied with the quality of service in my area. The one thing I wish Sprint could do is stay more up to date with the new BlackBerry phones. I like my Q10 but am bummed they never released the Z10 or Z30. There has been a tweet or two from Mr. Claure hinting there may be a new Sprint-BlackBerry release coming. This could be referring to the Classic or upcoming Leap, but it's anyone's guess at this point. Sprint has been pretty cautious in recent years about releasing BlackBerry phones. I'm not sure if that is going to continue now and into the future. T-Mobile is in talks with BlackBerry about selling their phones again. Even without this, there is the ability to bring an unlocked phone to TMO because they are a GSM carrier. So, I bought a used Z10 off of eBay last night. I'm going to purchase a prepaid plan and try the service for a month. But, I'm expecting TMO's service to be satisfactory as well.. I have a tablet that can connect to TMO's network and the service is pretty good overall. What should I do? In your opinion, is there advantage to one carrier or the other? I'm going to also post this on CrackBerry. Perhaps this post would be somewhat more relevant there. Thanks, Mark
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