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why not add a verzon post

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Any plant to add a Verizon post like the one about att and tmoble and so on or is a form like this one for Verizon.



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    • No agreement was reached with TMo. TMo is now n it’s stage to be able to acquire Shentel. I’m not saying this is happening, but we’ve reached that point where it’s possible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Looks like CellMapper is still either extremely backlogged or having issues mapping NR coverage. I went through Nashville twice over a week ago and none of my AT&T NR mapping is showing up from that entire trip. It was from two different sessions, I went down to Linden TN on Friday afternoon and came back on Monday. Uploaded all points when I got there Friday. Looks like my T-Mobile mapping is showing, I don't think there was any NR showing in Nashville previously. I do have the paid subscription for Cellmapper, which is supposed to prioritize uploads over non-subscribers. 
    • Your area must be unique. I NEVER see dense T-Mobile coverage.  T-Mobile is actually the worst carrier by far in my eyes. They normally do not know what dense means.   To make a good network, it is going to be very very expensive because they are starting with a very poor network.  T-Mobile was a great marketing device, but not a great cell phone carrier.
    • There's some talk over in the T-Mobile subreddit that the Ericsson equipment might be software upgradeable to run both LTE and NR carriers.
    • Glad to see there is some LTE staying around.  Apparently in Nokia markets the equipment can do dual LTE/5G but not Ericsson?
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