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why not add a verzon post

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    • @mikejeep I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but on my Pixel 5 SignalCheck Pro would not be running when I check my phone in the morning. It happen multiple times until I changed the setting for battery optimization to "Not optimized" for the app. And that was about 7 days ago. I have had the Pixel 5 for 17 days now and I had the Pixel 2 before. And I looked at the Pixel 2 settings and it has battery optimization set to "Optimizing battery use" for the app.
    • Is seems like some sites nearby have n71 some don’t. It is in a rural area so it’s possible it’s backhaul related. Back in April when all the 600 spectrum was made available they changed from a 2x5 carrier to a 2x10 and performance was so much better at edge of signal. They have 2x15 in the area and only have 2x5 on LTE now and there’s more traffic than before so speeds are almost unusable. They also only choose to have 2x5 on 1900 as well which I know they have more.    We all have 5g devices but I would rather it all or at least 2x10 be on LTE right now. The experience for the majority would be so much better...
    • Long live Wimax, Clearwire, Sprint Spark, Sprint LTE Advance, Sprint LTE Plus, Sprint!
    • Has your site been upgraded? Because B4/B66 performs worse on the new Nokia AAFIA Massive MIMO equipment in Texas. Before the upgrades, T-Mobile physically split sectors for B2/4/66 and coverage+performance was pretty impressive. B4/66 coverage was actually very close to that of B2 (even outperforming it in some instances). Now that my local tower has been upgraded, I still receive B12 and B2 from it. But my B4/66 now comes from a different neighboring tower as my home tower's B4/66 is drowned out. As you can imagine, I no longer get the same peak speeds as before since CA doesn't play nice with bands coming from different towers. Even the newly added B41 has a better reach than B4/66 (getting 80+ mbps downloads on B41+B41, T-Mobile just needs to optimize load balancing as B41 thresholds seem very conservative).
    • I don't have the "hearing me" problem, but I bet it's network related..... I just rarely get calls and texts when people call me or text me. Telemarketers seem to always get through but never the important calls. The New T-mobile sucks just as hard as the Old Sprint. 
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