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Moto G6 etc Omnithread


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For discussion of the upcoming Moto G6/Plus/Play.


Models XT1924, XT1922, and XT1925 respectively.

Batteries 5000(?!)mah, 4000mah, 3000mah respectively.

I predict Plus/Play/Regular respectively.

Based on dimensions the G6 Plus is XT1924 (it's a few mm longer than the other two). Based on battery mAh the XT1922 is the Play and XT1925 is the regular one. Actually the battery numbers are making me second-guess everything. We will probably know tomorrow.

No device photos in the FCC docs as far as I can tell, but it looks like all three support all of the Sprint bands. Yay!

Looks like XT1925 is certified for 41-25 and 41-26 aggregation but the other two aren't.

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After my Moto X Pure Edition experience with software updates falling off the map, I think I'll be sticking to Google devices.  At least I know what support I'm getting and for how long.

My buddy is still using my Moto X Pure, so the hardware is good.  Hopefully these can last for a couple cycles.

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I'm disappointed that the G6+ isn't slated to be released in the US. It was the only G series model that was to be capable of 3x20MHz CA. The other two G6 models do 2xCA. I guess I might as well stick with my aging Nexus 5X. I'm disappointed because I really love the RF performance of my old X2.

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