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How to Spot Sprint 8T8R TD-LTE RRHs (Ericsson)

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Ericsson RRUS82 2.5 GHz 8T8R

Now being found in Ericsson vendor territory, these augment the existing Nokia Flexi 2.5 8T8R radios in place.



Photo Credits: mdob07


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I've been noticing in my area that these don't seem to following the same +1450 GCI offset the 8T8R installs did. All of them seem like random assignments and its making my SCP log interesting. Is this consistent for other markets as well or is this the exception rather than the rule?

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    • By lilotimz
      Ericsson AIR6488 B41 Massive MIMO Antenna Radio Unit
      This 64T64R Massive MIMO units will be likely found in Ericsson vendor territory from network vision days. It will be easily identified by it's lack of an external remote radio like Sprints typical LTE equipment and its size being significantly smaller than Sprints existing 800,1.9, and 2.5  equipment. 

      Source: Sprint

      Additional Photos from FCC Filing
    • By lilotimz
      Ericsson RRUS31 B25 + RRUS11 B26
      These are the newest and greatest remote radio units to come from Ericsson. 

      The new Ericsson RRUS31  B25 should be fairly distinctive compared to the earlier RRUS11s and now the RRUS12s being deployed by ATT and Verizon. One of these new RRUS31s can do the job of two earlier RRUS11s thus reducing deployment costs for Sprint and complexity in deploying new sites and making it easier for users to spot as there are now 4 jumpers coming out of one RRUS31 rather than two from each RRUS11 that Ericsson originally deployed. 

      All future deployments will be utilizing the new Ericsson RRUS31s. In addition Ericsson are sending crews to their original deployments and swapping out older RRUS11s for these new RRUS31s due to the aforementioned fact that one RRUS31 can do the job of 2 RRUS11s. Weight savings will be significant at sites where there are 4 or 5 RRUS11 B25s that can be replaced by one or 2 RRUS31s. The Ericsson RRUS31 deployment project is known as the 65 Mhz Project. 


      Ericsson RRUS11 B26 top and RRUS31 B25 bottom


      Ericsson High Capacity / 4x4/2 MIMO Deployment
      Note the additional antenna + PCS radio.
      Previously Ericsson utilized additional PCS radios and used RF combiners for high capacity setups where they utilized three or more PCS radios. This new setup will utilize a completey new antenna + radio set just like Samsung and run 4x2 MIMO on the LTE antenna / radio set. 



      Ericsson RRUS11 B25 [EOL'd] and B26
      A standard Ericsson Network Vision 1.0 site with 3 RRUS11s where two are dedicated to PCS and one to SMR.  

      This type of setup is no longer deployed or utilized in new sites. Existing sites will be slowly converted to newer RRUS31 B25 via the Sprint 65 mhz project. 

      Ericsson NV high capacity site [EOL'd]
      3 or 4 PCS RRUs are present for a total of 4 or 5 RRUS11s per antenna. 



      Close up of Antennas

      Ericsson cabinets 

      All credit to those who took the photographs. They know who they are!
    • By lilotimz
      T-mobile Ericsson Cell Equipment
      For Ericsson markets t-mobile uses what is known as AIR antenna units which have the radio unit integrated with the antenna. This type of setup significantly reduces signal loss from the radio to the antenna since they're both practically next to each other and not sepearated by coax jumper cables like that of a remote radio unit.
      Basic Ericsson AIR21 setup
      (Note typically there are 2 Ericsson AIR per sector)



      Ericsson AIR21 + Band 12 700 mhz Equipment
      Note the addition of a new low band 700 mhz capable antenna + Ericsson RRUS11 B12 (remote radio units) in addition to new TMA (tower mounted amplifiers) connected to the AIR antenna. The new Ericsson RRUS11 B12 + Antenna addition is for tmobiles band 12 700mhz (L700) deployment. 

      (Credit: tmo.rocks)
      Credit for the photographs belong to whoever took it. You know who you are!
    • By KDKobes
      Try to make this as short and simple as possible. I have three devices; 2 of which are on the same plan and the third on a separate plan.
      The third device is my tab 4 which is picking up SprintB41 site 310120 just great. I get 3 bars downstairs.
      My other two devices; Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Note Edge for some reason will not pick up this tower. I have tried PRL updates, Profile updates, restarted the phones and all I can get them to connect to is a ClearwireB41 site.
      More background info...all devices have same Sim card as when purchased, tablet stays off 3/4 of the day and my phones are on when I wake up and turn them off at night. No matter where I go inside or out my phones won't connect to the Sprint site.
      Anybody have any ideas before I call Sprint trying to figure something out? I'm not sure how long the tablet has been able to connect to this site so I'm not sure what to think of it besides agitated that the tablet of all things is connecting. I posted two photos; one of the tablet connected to the Sprint site; second of the Clear wire site my phones connect to.
      Thanks in advance.

    • By dkyeager
      Sprint appears to be redoing the B41 Coverage map on a city by city basis.  Much more realistic than prior version.   Slight exaggeration remains in a few local spots, but this is far far outweighed by B41 that is not shown.  http://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp?INTNAV=SJS:HE:Cov
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    • Any inside word if this will come to Sprint and will it be this year?   It not only does both Sprint and TMobile LTE bands including B71 and HPUE, VoLTE, but it also supports CDMA 0,1,10.
    • So I called Sprint, and they sent me a new Airave.  The GPS light is now solid without issue, but still flashing LTE.  It has been doing it for over 24 hours. Just tried a power cycle, will try a hard reset next to see if that helps, but then I guess its back to tech support for thoughts and ideas.
    • Yeah, you just kind of have to make them work. Phone line, tablet lines work too.  
    • Ahh I didn't know there were any T-Mobile plans/lines that worked for these modems. Was it a hotspot plan or just a regular line that you put in the modem? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
    • In my search for a stronger signal for my HTC 5G hub, I was encouraged by this photo which shows two wires coming out of the back of the HTC 5G hub (photo 6 of 8 of the slide deck): https://www.macitynet.it/al-mwc-2019-htc-5g-hub-la-rivoluzione-degli-hub-5g/   So I removed the SIM drawer, then pried off the back cover.  The back cover comes off easily except down near the ethernet connector -- there I had to use some force to get the cover off. I was expecting to find a circuit board and perhaps some antenna connectors, but instead there is a fan and a cover.  That cover appears to be held in-place with jeweler's Torx screws.  My regular (slotted) and Allen jewelers drivers were either too large or too small, so I ordered a jeweler's Torx set from Amazon. More news to follow... Scott PS   I would upload a photo, but it appears that I've used up my photo allotment here and it says that my Max total size is 0.03MB...  
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