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Wi-Fi Calling Won't Enable


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I've used Wi-Fi calling ever since it came out, and have been using it on my iPhone 7 with no issue. A few days ago, it stopped saying "Sprint Wi-Fi" when my phone would connect to all Wi-Fi networks. My girlfriend's Sprint 7+ works fine with it in my house, but mine will never enable. 


I toggle Wi-Fi calling, it takes me to confirm my 911 address, I confirm, then it bounces me back to the toggle screen. I have Wi-Fi calling enabled on my account, but can't remove the "service" from My Sprint, nor can I remove it from the 911 address page. I've updated my PRL and rebooted the phone multiple times to no avail. Haven't tried a restore yet. I'm on 10.3.1. 


Are there any tricks to get it back? 

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Try entering in the dialpad ##25327# then hit ##873283# which will reset network settings on the phone.

Thanks for the tip! I did the codes and that combo didn't work, but Settings -> General -> Reset Network Settings did work. Up and running!

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