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Comcast and Wireless


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Comcast is taking concrete steps to become a Verizon MVNO. They are probably counting on WiFi first strategy. But they are also participating in the 600MHz auction. What's their long term wireless play? Create the 5th national carrier? Team up with Dish for midband? Buy either T-Mobile or Sprint?

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That's a tough question to answer. With a very mature wireless market here in the U.S., and considering Comcast would likely not target the IoT side of things as they are largely a consumer brand, one has to wonder where Comcast fits in. WiFi-first is an obvious good strategic move for them, but that's not a competitive differentiator, really. It's something that gives Comcast a leg up, but something that is likely of little value to the average consumer.


Especially given their already horrible reputation for poor customer service and high fees, I struggle to see where Comcast can make effective inroads into the U.S. wireless market. Say hello to the new GE.

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