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Storm chase 4-14-2012


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Thought i would copy over my post from the sponsors forum so everyone can see these.


Great chase today, 3 tornadoes. I have pics and video of 2 of the tornadoes, 1 west of Marquette, KS, the other Near Moundridge, ks



Here is near Marquette, ks



and here is moundridge



I didnt get any pictures or video of the 3rd tornado (about 5 miles northeast of LINDSBORG at 10:55pm ) -my mom with with me and we watched it for a good 5+ minutes to confirm it was a tornado on the ground, also an emergency manager also confirmed our report

here a link to my videos 4-14-2012



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All I wanna know is how old are you and if your one of the people doing this stuff on the tv show or not?...truly crazy stuff you do out there. Love the videos from chases and all that. Insane stuff!


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updated the videos link to all my videos combined with the sound removed. Sgt. Slaughter, I am 27 years old and i am not one of those people doing this stuff on the tv show. I do not know of any cell phone outages at the moment. ( i was tethering to my laptop from my cell phone using a verizon prl, ended up using almost a gig of data on the 14th -from using grlevel3 and internet, ect. because sprint was 1x roaming grrr )

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Some nice shots there! I have been a severe weather junkie for years. I just don't have the equipment (vehicle that I wouldn't care about getting damaged) to chase. I recently got my Basic Spotter cert so I can atleast do that when needed. Thanks for sharing the pics!

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just noticed at 1:56 mark, you see a flock of birds get sucked in (just above and right of the center) -i saw them get sucked in but wasnt sure until now that i got it on video


Poor birds :(

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