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AT&T unlocking iPhones for Military deployed overseas


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Most of us have heard that AT&T is unlocking iPhones of those who have fulfilled their contract with AT&T http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/story/2012-04-09/unlock-ATT-iphone/54125676/1 but now, in a patriotic move, AT&T is unlocking iPhones for Soldiers who are deployed so they can use their iPhone on local networks while they are deployed.


Many Soldiers end up buying a cheap cellphone to use while they are deployed, but if they have an unlocked iPhone, they can pop in a local prepaid SIM and use the iPhone instead. This will, no doubt, inspire loyalty to AT&T from the troops.

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Good for the troops. You have to jump through enough hoops when the deployment orders come. On less thing to worry about. Too bad it was AT&T, with all the different things T-Mo is doing with their plans, this would have been an excellent driver for them.

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I'm glad that at&t is finally getting their heads out of their a**es and doing something nice for the troops. I have heard terrible things they have done to Service members in the past and it disgusts me. I'm glad they finally have a change of heart.

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