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Stephen Bye, Sprint CTO resigns

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Just saw this on Google Now:




Well this have any significant impact?


Sent from Tapatalk on either my HTC One M9 or Tab4 10.1, it kinda depends


Nope.  He's not part of Masa and Marcelo plans.  Many were surprised he didn't go with Azzi and Elfman.

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    • Good point re: Dish being interested. They could ask for divestiture of Family Mobile and SIMple Mobile brands, since both use T-Mobile exclusively, and swapping them over would minimize the impact to those subscribers, while providing Dish an even larger customer base. I'm sure T-Mobile gives Dish a better deal than they do Tracfone, as not only does Dish have a larger subscriber base (Boost is larger than Tracfone's entire non-VZW customer base), but they negotiated their MVNO agreement when T-Mobile had to get the deal done to merge. Dish could push for divesting T-Mobile based customers from the other multi-carrier brands (Tracfone proper, Straight Talk, Net10, SafeLink), but splitting out the brands might be more trouble than it's worth at that point. Moving an entire brand over would be simpler, even if those brands are sitting on a unified backend on Tracfone's side. Dish will have a billing system of their own to migrate folks to anyway.
    • Well, we're into the new billing cycle and Ting let us keep the 20GB per line plan somehow. Pure Talk SIMs are coming, but they'll sit around unactivated until this plan stops...which might be the end of the month, or might be the end of *this* billing cycle...or ??? We'll definitely hop over to AT&T (via Pure Talk) between now and a couple months from now, but plan is to hop back when new plans on Ting come out, assuming either we can get those plans on Sprint's network or T-Mobile cleans up their act in 78624 (putting B66 on the sites that are currently PCS-only would probably do the trick without needing to take spectrum away from anything else...and they could add 600 for good measure...both are on exactly one site there).
    • It's awesome!!! Currently at 67% at 7:46 PM and it estimates will last until 4:30 PM tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
    • That phone doesn't have band 71. Picking it up for Sprint/TMo would be a bad idea.
    • I'm not sure it tells you anything about T-Mobile.  You're not roaming at that moment; that's still the Sprint network.  The oddball GCI is because for Sprint sites where the GCI had a value already used by T-Mobile's existing sites, they very quickly shoved the Sprint GCIs off to other values that T-Mobile doesn't use instead.  T-Mobile doesn't really follow very many patterns. - Trip  
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