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Repeated eHRPD errors in a certain area of Buffalo, NY

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I'm using the Sprint HTC m9 with (.30 OTA).  At home in Hamburg, NY I have no issues.  At work, on east side of Buffalo, NY, near intersection of E Delevan and Grider I get repeated and non-stop "Failed to initialize wireless data connection: EHRPD" followed by an error number which varies but in the last 10 minutes I've gotten -3, 65540, and 65535.


I didn't really have this issue with my HTC m8.  My m8 usually parked on a weak LTE signal and stayed there, my M9 is rarely on LTE.  So either network issues started around same time as a switched to m9, or the m9's radio is faulty.


Any ideas?


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If it persists have them open a ticket, although I dont think that works unless you what what tower(s) is making it do that. Ask in the Buffalo thread instead of opening up a new topic, theres got to be someone in the Buffalo area that could see about that area too, I rarely get out to Buffalo or else I could try and help maybe. Sorry I couldnt help much either I have no idea.

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I was having problems yesterday in the area of Main and Delevan. I kept getting "Data session could not be established" error. It seems to have resolved now. If they could only turn on more band 41 and 26 here...

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