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LG G Pad F 7.0 with Android 5.0 Lollipop and Spark


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I failed to see a device thread for the LG G Pad F 7.0 with Android 5.0 Lollipop, so it is now up for discussion.


I got mine with a white body (also available in black) as part of an upgrade promotion.




CTNET review: http://www.cnet.com/products/lg-g-pad-7-0/






The link has a good summary of many features of this tablet and Sprint's offer..  Some earlier versions say they are single LTE bands 25, 26 or 41, but this Sprint offering does say Spark ready on the box.


I really like the QPair app which helps you find your phone from the tablet or the tablet from your phone. Push a spot and the missing device rings.   :D .


It seems to find and switch towers much better than the HTC One m9.  I ran both between Omaha and Des Moines on two separate round trips this past week. I read bands 25, 26  and 41 as I drove along I-80.  There were times this tablet was picking up LTE 26 or 41 and the HTC One m9 was at 3G.  They were about a foot apart when this constantly occurred along the trip.


I did run into a problem with some apps that ran on Android 4.X.X would not tun on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

One example is a photo app that I use for work - Touch Mobile available on the Play Store.


Double Shot -  I was not able to get the video volume up enough to overcome background noise.

 When it works, it controls photo size for both still and video operation.  It is really a nice photo app after the learning curve.   For validation, I got better video volume in the same app on a Samsung Tab 2.0.


The speakers are on the back.  Sounds are muffled by the case that I have it it.  If you like sound like music and videos etc, you will want to be selective which case you place it in.


It seems to work well with Sensorly, Signal Check and LTE Discovery.  Park this puppy in your lap if you in the Co-Pilot seat.   I ran all three of them with the unit plugged into the car charge without an issue.


I recommend you do any app download and install via a good Wi-Fi connection.


CAUTION:  Sprint delivers it on a ONE GIG data plan unless you place it on the Sprint Family share pack or some other data plan.  IMO the data plan is expensive unless you can access Wi-Fi easily to keep your data plan usage down.  But in a pinch, you do have the data plan usage available when Wi-Fi just is not available.  IMO, I can keep my data usage cost down when I get close to the 1 Gig cap by using a third party service portable Wi-Fi which uses Sprint as the backbone provider.

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Rule of thumb:  if it is even several days old, we already have a thread about it.





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Rule of thumb:  if it is even several days old, we already have a thread about it.





Understood.  I would think so.  I saw that thread which I read as a "Soon to come" topic.  Who would link this tablet to that thread topic model nomenclature?  Not me.

Most of the devices that I follow here are much clearer in the title about the device being talked about.  That thread from a device name recognition perspective just does not tell me they are the same device.


HTC Ones are broken down by versions for example.  m8  ...m9

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Rule of thumb:  if it is even several days old, we already have a thread about it.






Interesting that I did a Google search for just this and this is the first link it refers to, lol. Many thanks for the heads up.



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