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  1. It's been reported on Google Plus social network in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 community that Android Pie with the new UI is being pushed out. https://plus.google.com/107127648936293675179/posts/59VDAVpX6Wn
  2. There hasn't been any device manufactured to make such a bold statement but if we're only referring to LG then the G7 thin Q and v35 thin Q AKA Android One would be the first to get pie.
  3. As long as you have the MSL code you can go in "edit" and make any changes.
  4. The real question is how will they merge the carriers networks for consumers. IMO Google Project fi has done a successful job in this, well they take note and follow suit. It would be practical at least in my observation to keep both Networks intact.
  5. I was hoping Sprint mobile But I'll have to go with the new evil T-Mobile for now. Simply make adjustments as I go.
  6. I would love to get one of these but it's proving difficult.
  7. 3 There are no devices currently out capable of 4x. The only upcoming device with a 4x capabilities will be the V30.
  8. Last known software update addressed the camera. No known security patch at this time. https://www.google.com/amp/www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-note-8-update-prerelease-800254/amp/#ampshare=http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-note-8-update-prerelease-800254/
  9. In regards to the pic which one should I choose. I've already set the band priorities and now I'm working this.
  10. Talked with them over the phone and they got my activation fee waived but they said that the Loyalty credits will kick in 2 to 3 billing Cycles and it will be retroactive.
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