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Band 7, Band 20, Band 28 - Hardware Questions

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Hi everyone,


So, Band 7 is essentially the FDD version of Band 41 (band 41 actually covers an even wider spread of spectrum), and is essentially the by far the most widespread LTE band world wide, along with band 3. Band 20 is the European digital dividend spectrum, basically their equivalent of our 700mhz spectrum, and has some overlap with band 26. Band 28 is the "APT" configuration for 700mhz spectrum - it theoretically overlaps the same spectrum as bands 12, 13, 17 do in the US and Canada, but with different configuration which requires a different hardware configuration.


My questions are: how hard would is be to include band 7 support on Sprint phones? This is turning into a (the) major international band for LTE and from what I can see, pretty much all new phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile support at least band 7 for international roaming. It would be great to have.

A similar question to that above about band 20.


My question about band 28 is a little bit different - CAN there be cross compatibility between the user hardware for the APT configuration of 700mhz spectrum and the FCC configuration? What are the technical hurdles that stand in the way of that?


I look forward to hearing from people who actually know!!




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    • *#2263 menu working at all surprised me given unlocked firmware.  Besides Tello, I also use Boost Mobile on T-Mobile and the Samsung band selection app.  On Tello it would find n71 SA including site details, but not connect.  On Boost using T-Mobile, the behavior is the same. except it only has the n71 band.  In both cases you also get neighbors. Can connect to n71 SA with T-Mobile locked phone with TNX.  Then put in Tello sim and rebooted, which works with psim but reported not esim on esim phones. Mobile IP address does not work. Outbound calls ring once and die with any sim in Columbus, OH.  Boost Mobile using T-Mobile network is stuck on connecting... like unlocked (can see site info and neighbors). Could always root it I guess and try NSG which uses modem commands iirc.  A53 5G unlocked  with before June firmware another option.
    • My s22 is at 2.370001.  When I try to manually update it,  It just sits there for a minute apparently doing nothing.  Then I get the following message:  We can not do it right now. Please try again after 24 hours. It is a little risky to even think about forcing an update that has not downloaded on its own.  You could be the first person to see a screw-up in the new software configuration.
    • I found an interesting line.  Under Software Information, there's a carrier configuration version and it errors out updating.  Mine is 2.380001.  I wonder how often that updates.
    • Yeah totes saw that article and I was like! Well damn hahaha there won't be expansion of band 41 then in areas of the Upper Manhattan/Bronx and Westchester then if that is the case otherwise we would have seen it. 
    • Well, I saw a good deal on a factory unlocked A32 5G on eBay and was able to convince the seller to show me the software info screen--and it was May.  So I jumped on it. Stuck one of my Tello SIMs in it, and while my Moto One 5G Ace would connect to n71 SA, this phone refuses to do so.  And with only 0 for the TA value, it's less useful for LTE than my older devices.  Oh, and the *#2263# menu doesn't work properly for NR.  So definitely glad I'm able to disable updates. - Trip
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