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Thomas L.

Band 7, Band 20, Band 28 - Hardware Questions

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Hi everyone,


So, Band 7 is essentially the FDD version of Band 41 (band 41 actually covers an even wider spread of spectrum), and is essentially the by far the most widespread LTE band world wide, along with band 3. Band 20 is the European digital dividend spectrum, basically their equivalent of our 700mhz spectrum, and has some overlap with band 26. Band 28 is the "APT" configuration for 700mhz spectrum - it theoretically overlaps the same spectrum as bands 12, 13, 17 do in the US and Canada, but with different configuration which requires a different hardware configuration.


My questions are: how hard would is be to include band 7 support on Sprint phones? This is turning into a (the) major international band for LTE and from what I can see, pretty much all new phones from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile support at least band 7 for international roaming. It would be great to have.

A similar question to that above about band 20.


My question about band 28 is a little bit different - CAN there be cross compatibility between the user hardware for the APT configuration of 700mhz spectrum and the FCC configuration? What are the technical hurdles that stand in the way of that?


I look forward to hearing from people who actually know!!




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    • I'm guessing that's the case. I spoke with 2 different reps on 2 different dates (both were clearly American) and both told me the launch date was June 12th. The second time I called I asked the guy "are you sure about the June 12th launch date and are you sure that it's the V60". He said yes I'm absolutely sure. He said they wouldn't know anything about pricing until June 12th but he was sure about the launch.
    • I am also interested in what T-Mobile or Dish will do with the b26 spectrum. While Dish has an option to buy it after 3 years and a penalty if they don't, I am not sure why they would want to. I would like for T-Mobile to sell it to the Cellular Carriers (band 5) and have them redo band 5 to they can each have 15x15 allocations.
    • It will be very interesting to watch a greenfield 5G network being built from the ground up. From what I understand it will be based on open RAN and C-RAn it that the equivalent of enodeB and RRUS can reside in the cloud virtualized as software and ran on general purpose computers. Of course, there are tradeoffs in that you need low latency/high bandwidth connectivity between your antennas and the rest of the network. So a successful network strategy will probably have to mix and match depending on whether you're talking about urban, suburban and rural. In urban setting you could virtualize both the enodeB and the RRU, for the suburban setting virtualize the enodeB but keep the RRU as hardware and in rural setting keep both as hardware.
    • So help me understand something.. 1st, i have a handful of phones about ready for upgrades (still not impressed with the UPGRADE offer but what ever) As I am reading, IF you get one of the S-20s  Does the "update" kick you on to native Tmo, with sprint as the backup?? Because I had Tmo for a little while, and wasnt that impressed.. Where I am at in utah (north of salt lake) Sprint is better in 90% of the areas... So i dont want to cut my nose off here, if all it is, is a jump bac on Tmo, until all the merging is done...At which point I am sure it will be AWESOME... 
    • Don't you prefer WiFi calling?
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