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CDMA carriers use more LTE data than GSM.


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Dogs, your television and computer are terrible analogies. Most (almost all of them) are secured sites with locked fencing around them. Why pay for air conditioning when you don't have to? I'm sure there have been people retarded enough to try and steal equipment from sites but stupid shit happens all the time. Even if you manage to remove a base station or radio head from a site without getting caught, what are you going to do with it? What's stopping some one from breaking into the building and stealing the equipment anyway?

I know there is the saying that if thieves are determined enough to steal something, they will do everything possible to do so. Well, that saying and variations of it, at least. My thought regarding this issue though, is that all companies ought to do the most they can to protect their investment.


I should note my analogy wasn't the best at addressing the entire matter, as I meant for it to be more specifically about the air conditioning issue, not the part about the thievery.

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I know some guy was recently arrested for stealing HVAC coils from cell sites somewhere around here, so there's definitely a reason to keep everything locked up.


Around here, Verizon and T-Mobile pretty much always use shelters. (I know of 1 Verizon site and 2 T-Mobile sites in the entire city where the cabinets are not in shelters. Admittedly there are probably more, but you get my point.) Sprint and AT&T never use shelters unless it is somehow impossible to avoid it. Not sure why. Apparently Nextel also used shelters everywhere given how highly abandoned unused shelters correlate with former Nextel sites.

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Apparently Nextel also used shelters everywhere given how highly abandoned unused shelters correlate with former Nextel sites.


I have started a charitable organization that will repurpose those abandoned iDEN shelters.  It is called Habitat for Futility.



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I have started a charitable organization that will repurpose those abandoned iDEN shelters. It is called Habitat for Futility.





On a serous note, If the charitable organization was started, it would be one of the few I know to be true to its mission, knowing you care about wireless technology as you do, AJ. I know other people who have interests in some simpler, yet still very worthwhile causes in their own right who'd do well with such foundations, if only they had some grand scale means to do so. While I won't go into details, I've dealt with so many greedy uncaring organizations who lie in their mission to what they actually do, its very sad, but in my own dealings very very distressing.


To something a bit more wireless related though, having more security at wireless sites while I think is a good idea I've been showing my support to here, I'm curious on the issue of liability in cases where say some thief were to attempt stealing wireless equipment and somehow got injured. While I think by all means the thief ought to be liable for their own injuries, there have been cases where thiefs sue for injuries occurred at the robbery site, and even have won.


Of course, this is a pathetic result, but since it happens, I'm wondering if in the case of this occurring at a cell site where likely the tower is owned by a tower company, does that also apply to the equipment on the ground in shelters, etc?

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    • Was in Red Hook again and I swear there are more Link5G sites as there are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T small cells combined in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like every other street I turned down had one installed. Hopefully carriers will start hopping on them soon. Seems like a lot of effort to go through for no one to use them.  — — — — — T-Mobile converted the Sprint site on top of NYU Langone Brooklyn in Sunset Park. I first mapped one sector of it back in November 2023 but I thought it was a small cell so I never pinned it but I ran into another sector today which caught me off guard. I'm unable to find a permit for the conversion so it's definitely a surprise. There's another T-Mobile site 1 block away that T-Mobile initially installed back in 2019 so I'm kinda surprised they're keeping both considering the Sprint conversion is on a much taller building and could potentially provide much better coverage to the entire area.   
    • Still not seeing any ULS postings for pending T-Mobile UScellular merger in Dane county Wisconsin.
    • Came across another Crown Castle Solutions multi-tenant oDAS node in Brooklyn. Located at 40.7002286, -73.9612666. Nothing on T-Mobile or AT&T so I'm assuming these are all Verizon nodes that Crown Castle is anticipating another carrier will hop on down the line.
    • Same with factory unlocked
    • June security update is out (S22U TMO)
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