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Sprint trying to change Customer service image?????


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Here is my story.

I called in the other day to change my data and something else. Everything was fine, no hiccups just business as usual. At the end she asked if I was happy and would refer sprint.. My answer was absolutely.


Yesterday, (sat) I get a letter from Overland park with Sprint logos on it ... But it was hand written and the size of small invitation..! I started thinking maybe Marcelo was ready to have a sit down! - Anyways it was a hand written thank you note from someone in sprint! The letter touched on how much they appreciated that I have been a customer for over 13 years. I didn't recognize the name, so I am assuming it was the customer rep from the other day.


Not a big deal, but it definitely a plus for me to know that such a large company has some employees who care.


Thumbs up for Sprint!!

Little things like this will help peoples perception of sprint turn around a lot faster!!


Has anyone else received a letter??

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