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Band 41 Prioritized Deployment S4gru coverage

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Will S4Gru provide information in regards to the Band 41 prioritized deployment, like it did for the regular LTE roll out? (Maps for paid subscribers)

Morning! S4GRU, We have a lot of maps! Yet you have to become a premier sponsor to see b41 ones(a perk for us premier members), it is 100 dollars to do that. It is worth it in my eyes, I upgraded from a regular sponsor to premier and I love it. I love having access to so much information, even a regular sponsor is better then just being a member. We all understand that it isn't easy to come up with 100 dollars or have extra 100 bucks lying around, but think about just becoming a regular sponsor first (not as much) then I think you will see the value in becoming a premier sponsor.  Here is good information on how to become a sponsor :)


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Yes, as a premier sponsor he would have access to the 8T8R deployment maps (user submitted info so far) but I don't think we have any information on what the prioritized markets will be yet. Or if that information will become available. A lot of the 8T8R B41 information right now is pretty hush-hush within Sprint as far as when it will be turned on.

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Thanks guys for the info. My friend was interested in maps for his area. My area is 53% complete, with an estimated completion time of 6 months to cover my surroundings. The of the two towers I use the most one is fully completed, but is already overwhelmed, and the other is waiting on backhaul.


As you can see I don't need the information, but will donate to help out the site as it has been a great resource for other information.

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    • Mike. I sent in more diags for wi-fi 6e yesterday where SCP shows channel = 0.  Thanks.
    • Added and modified them all! I took a trip through the L train tunnel between 1st Avenue and Bedford Avenue recently and found n41 live in the tunnel. It's 80 MHz, speeds were 250-300, and I didn't have time to check if n71 is there. Some stations speeds slow wayyyy down when a train pulls in now, even the ones with B2 at 15 or 20 MHz, so any upgrade is great sight to see.
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