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  1. What will happen to devices like the Sprint Drive (LTE Bands: 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26), and other hotspot devices?
  2. Sprint definitely needs it in NYC. I roam a lot. Look on Sensorly, which Sprint uses as reference, there are quite a few areas that are low in signal. Including in but not limited to Manhattan, without mentioning towers with signal but no service all over the city. I personally one of Sprint's numerous mistakes in the past was in not prioritizing the tops markets. T-Mobile is not great outside of cities to this day, but few of it's customers know that.
  3. On the same note People pay for cell phones and service on other carriers for a reason. If it is really important to you or anybody else Sprint, under normal circumstances, is not the best choice. On that note, I have a S9+ from Samsung which I configured to use "Calling Plus". It is a nice feature to have when I am not roaming in NYC, as I often do. I have been able to try T-Mobile roaming, and it works very well. I look forward to it being more wide spread.
  4. How did you get Calling Plus specifically working on the S9+? The voice mail app is in the Google Play store, just remember it is Sprint. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sprint.vvm It sort of works for me. 3xCA http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/3748158166 I think I can get better conditions.
  5. Thanks guys for the info. My friend was interested in maps for his area. My area is 53% complete, with an estimated completion time of 6 months to cover my surroundings. The of the two towers I use the most one is fully completed, but is already overwhelmed, and the other is waiting on backhaul. As you can see I don't need the information, but will donate to help out the site as it has been a great resource for other information.
  6. Will S4Gru provide information in regards to the Band 41 prioritized deployment, like it did for the regular LTE roll out? (Maps for paid subscribers)
  7. What's with the aggression? We are having a discussion. At the moment I would say in my opinion Sprint is the most Anti-Customer. Sprint has money to buy T-Mobile but not to fix their network. T-Mobile came from behind to pass Sprint in LTE deployment. Sure they are working on sharing their network at the moment but Sprint could have invested it's money better. They could have kept the staff they just disposed off. Sprint's level of churn is not something that just happens, it's something you make happen. Why would you be upset that people what to get the most out of what they paid
  8. Sprint chooses to do a lot of Anti-Customer things until someone pushes them. A good example is the Sprint iPad Air. I once had a strictly CDMA device unlocked as a courtesy with the warning that Verizon would be the only carrier that would be able to provide service to the device, but that it would be unlikely they would. (There was a short period when it was possible to move devices from one to the other without modification).
  9. It was a full unlock. As tested with a T-Mobile SIM. For my first friend, after the process was completed he put the T-Mobile SIM in and after what I would call less than 5 minutes but more that 1, it was working. My second friend had trouble with the reps, they kept giving him contradicting information. He eventually got it done Thanks to Apple. I should note both had the Executive Service number, if you think you have it, you might not as it has recently (last year) change.
  10. Sprint actually does unlock phones, at the very least the iPhone. I know two people who had their iPhone 5s unlocked. Sprint did not make it the easiest process, but it was done. It pretty much depends who you are, and what you are willing to do, but once approved it takes anywhere from minutes to an hour depending on load.
  11. Upper Manhattan(Washington Heights), I only been able to get it with Cyanogenmod.
  12. Looks like Sprint is really moving along. The GS4 is supposebly due to get re-released to support additional frequencies.
  13. I forgot to mention this but a new NV tower was added on the corner of The Cross Bronx(I-95) and the Major Degan it's still in the process of becoming functional(dropped calls etc). Interesting info, the towers along The Cross Bronx has an average low of 65,000 connections a day, and a high of 102,000. The new tower above is expected to past that number on the average.
  14. num 5 is the network code for Verizon. Does anyone know what this file might be? This is the only Verizon listing in the entire file.
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