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RF optimizations...do these specific upgrades help Sprint devices?


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Dynamic Antenna Matching Tuner (QFE15xx) – The world’s first modem-assisted and configurable antenna-matching technology extends antenna range to operate over 2G/3G/4G LTE frequency bands, from 700-2700 MHz. This, in conjunction with modem control and sensor input, dynamically improves the antenna’s performance and connection reliability in the presence of physical signal impediments, like the user’s hand.


Envelope Power Tracker (QFE11xx) – The industry’s first modem-assisted envelope tracking technology designed for 3G/4G LTE mobile devices, this chip is designed to reduce overall thermal footprint and RF power consumption by up to 30 percent, depending on the mode of operation. By reducing power and heat dissipation, it enables OEMs to design thinner smartphones with longer battery life.


As of late, Sprint's devices (aside from the N5) have opted out of these optimizations from Qualcomm. Is it related to Triband setup that's causing obstacles or is it just expensive? Curious if it's because of these optimizations that makes the Nexus 5 a RF Powerhouse.


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Envelope Tracker is most likely utilized on Sprint's S5 and M8. Not sure about antenna tuner.

Most operators variants have had ET since Note 3. Not sure why Sprint wouldn't allow these Qualcomm features.

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