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New Qualcomm chipsets send more data streams


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On Thursday, Qualcomm announced radios for network equipment that can send three or four data streams as well as chipsets for mobile devices and consumer electronics with up to two streams. The number of streams decides the maximum theoretical speed, and two streams are capable of transmitting more than 600Mbps (bits per second), Qualcomm said.

A version of MU-MIMO that can receive one stream is already integrated with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor, which powers smartphones including the HTC One M8, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the Z2 from Sony. For the feature to work it needs to be activated with a software update, according to Qualcomm. The upcoming Snapdragon 805 processor has the same functionality.


More details at the posted link.

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What's interesting about Snapdragon 805 is MDM9x36 IP stack, which introduces Category 6 cellular baseband chipset capable of aggregating two 20Mhz component carriers, which will directly benefit Spark allowing Sprint to finally introduce 20+20Mhz TDD intraband Carrier Aggregation.


Current Snapdragon 800/801 Category 4 UE is only capable of processing up to contiguous 20Mhz, or aggregating two component carriers (10+10, 15+5) for a total of 20Mhz. 

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