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USCC to sell AWS spectrum to Verizon


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Verizon Wireless hopes to purchase some B Block AWS spectrum from U.S. Cellular, according to paperwork filed with the Federal Communications Commission. Specifically, Verizon is eyeing 20MHz of AWS-1 spectrum in 53 counties in 14 Cellular Market Areas (CMAs) across parts of Illinois and Missouri near the St. Louis region. According to the FCC, if the transaction is approved, Verizon would own 62-117MHz of spectrum across these CMAs, 40MHz of which would be AWS-1.



Boy, by the time somebody buys them, they won't have any spectrum left.

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The license in question is the AWS B block license for the St. Louis BEA.  It overlies the PCS market that USCC is exiting, and it was never constructed.  So, USCC has no use for it any longer.  I called this shot a year ago in my article:



In the other five of the six markets detailed above, USCC likely could roll out LTE, as it holds additional AWS 2100+1700 MHz and/or Lower 700 MHz licenses in those markets.  It should be noted, however, that those non PCS licenses are not being transferred to Sprint in this deal.  But as it exits those markets, USCC will almost surely look to sell the other licenses, too, with VZW and T-Mobile being likely buyers for the AWS spectrum, AT&T a strong possibility for some of the 700 MHz spectrum.





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I live in the never built out USCC spectrum area, and since VZW has most of the customers in Randolph County for mobile service, VZW has a strong case for needing the extra AWS here down the road. 700 C here is already pretty congested.  

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